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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun
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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun
A story about friendship of four school girls. Both offers comedy and Aki Toyosaki does voice actor in both anime.
report Recommended by RKO48
They both show ''cute girls doing cute things''. The only difference is that Railgun has a plot, kinda.
report Recommended by Calliisto
If you're looking for a similar type of bond between four girls. Both shows are funny and revolve around four friends, and some of them even look similar. K-on is more focused on music whereas railgun is more concentrated on super powers. Both are recommended! :)
report Recommended by mockingjays
Both shows feature 4 cute girls doing cute things. These shows are episodic, or at least have distinctive, non-connected arcs. They are slice of life series for moe lovers.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Although I liked Railgun much better than K-On, the group dynamic has some similarities. They both follow the "Cute girls doing Cute things" undertone than lots of Moe anime have. K-On, as you probably know, is about music whereas Railgun is about a badass chick that shoots lightning from her mind. They both have a fair bit of humor too if you like that, I personally liked Railgun's humor more but one or the other might work better for someone else.
report Recommended by montana830
First of all it's about a group of girls having "fun". Railgun is a bit more serious and dramatic, but it has the elements to "love" the girls and especially the maincharachter(s) which is Yui/K-On and Misaka/Railgun.
report Recommended by HavanaC