K-On!, Sora no Manimani Recommendations

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Sora no Manimani
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Sora no Manimani
Both involve clubs that are just starting out and finding new members. Both of them have comedy as well.
report Recommended by spineslayer
Both stories focus on clubs that face extinction. Both contain comedy and schol life
report Recommended by H_Sayan12
Same atmosphere, random funny moments, Mii-chan is very hyper and makes me think of Yui, club recruiting..If you like K-ON you'll probably like Sora no Manimani too!
report Recommended by johnisnothisdate
Both animes deal with a group of students trying to keep thier own clubs alive by trying to get new members and apparently both were complete with some troubles with the Students Council as well.
Both are different clubs though, but both were extremely enjoyable and relaxing, and lets not forget funny XD
report Recommended by madmanlee
Both series revolves around a group of friends in a club doing fun things that they enjoy.

Both series takes place in a school life setting where every day presents a new challenge that brings drama, joy, and also sometimes emotions.

Both series are lighthearted and has a similar feeling, the feeling of enjoying life at its fullest with the activities you do with your friends.
report Recommended by Stark700