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Both are band anime. Although Bocchi focuses a bit more on the band aspect, K-ON! focuses on the characters a lot more. K-ON! creates unique characters without following too many tropes, at least compared to other anime, and makes you fall in love with the entire crew by the end.
report Recommended by Kaetahr
Cute girls running a band, Comedy and wholesome slice of life.
report Recommended by Biisoo
Bocchi the Rock has many similarities to K-on on paper, such as there being CGDCT and slice of life tropes, a musical band of high school girls, and lighthearted, fun characterization being prioritized over a deep or complex storylines. The cast of characters exude a similar vibe to their K-on analogues a la Ritsu and Mio to some extent. One notable difference would be that Hitori, the main character, is sort of the antithesis to Yui, the main character from K-on. Whereas Yui was an outgoing type of girl who lacked any experience in guitar, Hitori is introduced as a seasoned guitar player who has   read more
report Recommended by Nepgearup
Light music club in school - K-on Kessoku Band outside school - Bocchi the rock if you enjoy one, you will enjoy another.
report Recommended by pv_amv
Both are slice of life shows about cute girls playing in a band, but I'd argue that's their only major similarity since they differ both thematically and tonally. Bocchi the Rock is somewhat cynical in tone whereas K-On! is played completely straight and sincere. The overall goals of the characters in the respective series are different, since Kessoku Band is more serious about music whereas Houkago Tea Time is more concerned with friendship. If I were to attach meme political buzzwords to my comparison to these two shows, I'd say Bocchi the Rock is "post modernist K-On". Bocchi the Rock can be seen as a   read more
report Recommended by PurePureHeart
Not only they have the same theme, music, their structure is very similar, with the characters slowly evolving as a band
report Recommended by Lancaster12
"Cute girls doing cute things", and in both cases the cute things are centered around playing in a music band. Despite the similar premise, Bocchi the Rock is far from being a K-On clone: the two shows are actually fairly different in their characters, atmosphere and execution, and are both great shows in their own right. Still if you liked one of these shows and want more music-based CGDCT anime, then the other is an obvious recommendation.
report Recommended by lanaerys
- A group of fun-loving, talented and playful gals in love with making music together. - Each of the characters bring a little something special to the whole mix in such a beautiful way - We see their journey of growth both as people, and together as a band
report Recommended by Joeywatches
The two animes are about cute girl bands, both are very fun and have great protagonists. The band have a great songs and the characters play very well.
report Recommended by Edueuller
similar vibe but bocchi the rock is a little bit different, more focused on the performances and the heavy music community but still a music slice of life at its core. If you liked K-On there is a big chance you will also love bocchi the rock
report Recommended by satanswaifuism
Both animes revolve around a musical band and cute girls doing cute things. Both animes are pretty funny, and they both have fire songs. They have a similar vibe and if you've watched K-On already, you'll be reminded of it when you watch Bocchi The Rock. However, both are unique in their own way. As mentioned in a previous recommendation, the main character Hitori is amazing in playing guitar but she has social anxiety, while Yui from K-On is the opposite: she's outgoing but she just learned how to play. Another thing to mention is that K-On is more focused on the band making memories together   read more
report Recommended by ReclusionsHD
Both are about cute girls playing instruments and starting a band. They have very similar moods and feel incredibly identical. They both remind me of one another
report Recommended by Jittinx
Have a similar vibe and what can go wrong with high school girl and a guitar
report Recommended by Mal_functionz
CGDCT in band. Bocchi also have similar jokes and atmosphere to K-On!. I absolutely recommend to anyone that be a K-On! Weeb like me! Bocchi is like K-On!!! Season 3 that we want! Update: watching Bocchi 8/12 Bocchi has stronger plot and story, along with, more creativity directing (yea, Bocchi's premiered after K-On! more than ten years), but K-On! is more relax and memorized. These series also have a masterpiece directing.
report Recommended by Snolled
both are about starting a band in high school but a few thing are different
report Recommended by Keion-bubuchou
Both have the same vibes. CUTE HS girls forming a band.
report Recommended by cutzycookie
Almost all aspects are similar vibe-wise, down to the most minute detail. However, bocchi is focused on curing social anxiety and the importance of friendship; k-on is focused on having a memorable highschool life. This is why their respective band behaves differently. One wants to make it to the big stage while forming a legitimate band (bocchi); the other wants the same thing, but is more carefree and hobby-like (k-on).
report Recommended by SolracNexus
I find that K-ON is the perfect anime to recommend for someone who has seen Bocchi, both animes have a music theme together with a group of friends. The big difference is that Bocchi is about improvement and K-ON is more about having a good time in a club enjoying every moment.
report Recommended by VicenteDragneel
its like k-on but more music and band focused also the girls are very funny and has hype moments too it is a good show you will probably like it
report Recommended by poutingcrusader
Bocchi is basically K-on if the music was a bigger focus, but both leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. Both have lovable characters and great music, if you're a fan of k-on or cgdct you will love Bocchi as well.
report Recommended by EllaCocoa
Both show is abt cute girls doing band stuff Giving positive vibes, you will only feel happiness from both shows
report Recommended by HEBI_TAN
I would consider this to be the modern day K-On. It's similar in obvious ways such as "oh cute high schoolers forming cute band UwU", but I would say it has it's fair differences such as each of the characters in Bocchi The Rock have more personality than the one's in K-On
report Recommended by GingyBread
Banger music, adorable characters, what more could you ask for.
report Recommended by s_ilmido
You like comedy and music themed anime combined with a wholesome main cast? Search no further because Bocchi the Rock! does exactly this. The story starts as our main protagonist "Hitori" called "Bocchi" by her friends joins the so-called "Kessoku Band." From there on, they experience their daily band life in a comedic/cute way to grow even further together, just like in K-on!
report Recommended by Wolfram1211
Both are slice of life shows about cute girls playing in a band, although they got different vibe. K-ON is more of a straight, happy-go-lucky show, while Bocchi is somewhat more grounded in reality as it shows the stress and the challenge in forming a band. Despite all the differences both are enjoyable show about a bunch of girls forming a band
report Recommended by assasinsjoe
The biggest x1 anime history
report Recommended by ZeKKenArt
If you like bands that's a good anime to watch! The attention to details that they give on this anime is incredible, it is cool to see the characters actually playing what is being heard. But if a anime don't have this level of detail it doesn't mean that is a bad anime. Bocchi the Rock! it was the anime that got me on track again about learning guitar.
report Recommended by iam_soya
Both main characters are people choosing to get in a band because of an internal issue, and they both have silly fun with their respective bands, as well as a bunch of girls starting a band and learning from their experiences.
report Recommended by ZaphZero
They are both about bands and instruments. there is an introvert character too.
report Recommended by cvbnm07
This one is pretty obvious. If you like cute girls doing cute things and music, these two shows are similar while still having their own themes and charm (Bocchi and Yui in particular are both delightfully different protagonists with their own unique struggles)
report Recommended by ChickenClicker
Both animes feature concentration on SoL and music as well. Both have amazing humor and relateable characters.
report Recommended by CyanCheetah
Heartwarming anime girls learning to perform and be a band. K-On plays more strongly on the music itself while enlivening it with the character's colorful personalities. Bocchi the Rock however plays more strongly on the characters themselves allowing the music to develop them not the other way around
report Recommended by Amus-Sama
If you liked K-on, you will like Bocchi the rock because they have similar plots but in the case of bocchi (it's about some girls who form a group but 2 of them are introverts)
report Recommended by Niloto05
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