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In a normal daily life, friendships are formed whether it is through similar hobbies or the string of fate. The most influential thing however are the memories that are established through this beautiful journey. 'Hibike! Euphonium' and 'K-ON!' showcases its environment in a slice of life and music blooming manner. The character designs and visual effects are top notch as expected leaving most of the characters looking beyond flawless. Character developments are a necessity in the series and it binds very well with the overall principle. Following the musical adventure, ambitious goals are set in order for the musical group to reach the pinnacle of   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
It's just another moe series like K-ON but with different instruments.
report Recommended by Sacredus
musical slice of life that follows the members of a school club and their daily life rehearsing and making music
report Recommended by TayaTuk
Both are about cute high school girls that join a club/band and play music together. K-On! is more rock/pop music and Hibike! Euphonium is about brass instruments and band in general.
report Recommended by cosmic_iris
Both are similar, except Euphonium is more focused on music, and is more serious and drama-focused. Also, both were made by Kyoani to begin with.
report Recommended by Markdoka
It's really similiar, and both are with cute girls making music.
report Recommended by ShineBright
Both are made by the same studio (Kyoto Animation) and focus on musical themes, plus have similar-looking characters (Kotobuki and Sapphire). While Hibike is more history-focused, K-On slighly focuses on comedy elements.
report Recommended by kirisakitrash
Hibike! Euphonium is like K-On but it takes itself seriously.
report Recommended by SonneeD
Everyday lives anime series with moe blobs which is much of the time very relaxing but can change tone at times. In either of this series a girl with/without previous experience decides to join a music club. These clubs try to aim high with their music but K-on!! aim lower than Hibike and K-on is more of a relaxing school life series.
report Recommended by GiantQAACSleier
Similar Setting but in a Different plot. Maybe a Another Moe Show but Opposite Instruments.
report Recommended by aerithclode
If you like cute girls doing cute things, these are the anime for you. Both made by KyoAni and have a group of (mainly) girls playing instruments, striving for success. Main difference is the amount of people in their bands, but regardless the same premise remains in the story.
report Recommended by Backin2020
High School girls in somewhat dysfunctional after-school music clubs. - Brown-haired protagonist? Check. - Beautiful and musically talented girl with straight black hair? Check. - Boisterous boke - check. - Blonde girl with short, round eyebrows - check. - Quirky, glasses-lady authority figure - check. - Gorgeous KyoAni visuals - check. - Anime about music and how it can bring different people together - checkmate.
report Recommended by Machka
It have the same air, the same spirit. Also the same studio make it. It doesn't have the same focus in a band or how the band members grow with the music, but have the frindship and relations into a music club. I think that if you are one of those fans who want a third season of K-ON you have to see this anime, so you can control your mind...
report Recommended by KiryuNatsuru
Just like K-on!, but it takes itself seriously. -Both have music -Both are about high school girls that join a club/band -Hibike! is about brass instruments (pretty cool actually) and K-on! rock/pop music -In both makes you cheer for them -Both are made by the same studio (Kyoto Animation) If you like one you will definitely like the other
report Recommended by Yukinoooo
This recommendation is probably made quite a lot, so much, in fact, that you might be surprised to hear that the two are actually pretty different. They are made by the same studio and both have to do with High Schoolers in bands—of two different sorts,—and aside from a similar aesthetic, this is about it. These reasons, however, are enough to make them go quite well together. Hibike! Euphonium focuses more on the music side of things, I find; you see a lot more into the technicals of music than you would in K-ON! (though it's never boring). The characters in Hibike! Euphonium are great   read more
report Recommended by Entity_002
By the same studio, with the same high-quality animation, Hibike! Euphonium features classic upbeat music to that of K-on! and still having a fantastic storyline between friends. Filled with character development and cute antics of the band.
report Recommended by Edgykun
The series both have a group of girls who are a part of a music club in their high schools. Both shows follow the girls as they live their school lives and practice to perform at a concert. You'll probably like both the series if you enjoy watching slice of life and music themed anime.
report Recommended by Sande
It's slice of life with kawaii moe girls. Who doesn't love it? It's comedic, and it has a great background art style~ It's literally K-ON! 2.0 but now with orchestra.
report Recommended by -Haoto-
Both of the anime got similarities about music. The difference is K-ON! is more into fun, comedy, and everyday life while Hibike! Euphonoum is more serious because the team is aiming for National Contest but also got kind if slice of life problem, but aside from that... both of the anime got great story in it. Since it's about music, the different is K-ON! music type is Light Music (Guitar, Drum, Bass, Keyboard), while Hibike! Euphonium music type is orchestra (Trumpet, Saxophone, Euphonium, Percussion, Oboe, etc)
report Recommended by HeroArgonaut
group of cute girls being cute and playing music
report Recommended by Pumpkinyaaan
K-on sure is one of my favorite anime. For those who like a good comedy with cool songs, this is the best, as I see it. Regarding Hibike, the same is also a musical anime, has comedy and similar story with girls who enter a music club.
report Recommended by Luh_meneses
Both shows are made by the same studio. Both shows are Cute Gils doing Cute Things, with the focus on music.
report Recommended by aliquae
Someone wrote this. I agree definitely ''I think that if you are one of those fans who want a third season of K-ON you have to see this anime, so you can control your mind...''
report Recommended by KiritsuguKougami
Although nothing can compare to the masterpiece that is K-on!, Hibike! Euphonium is a very good show. Both shows share the same premise of being centered around music. Hibike! Euphonium differs from K-on! slightly in a few subtle ways. Firstly, the music in HE is orchestral music whereas K-on! is more casual rock/pop music. The other difference between the two is that HE has more in terms of drama than K-on! HE also has more music in the show. Often times it felt as though in K-on! there would be music every few episodes or so. All the other episodes would focus on whatever whacky   read more
report Recommended by repasy
While Sound! Euphonium is more serious and drama-driven, and is dealing with deeper themes, K-On! has more comedy, but both are character driven stories about high school moe girls doing what they love and enjoying their high school years even if those club activities will no longer be relevant when they graduate. Kyoto Animation did an incredible job on both series, both are near perfect masterpieces in there own right and while Sound! Euphonium impacted me on a deep personal level and changed my life, K-On! is without a doubt the most enjoyable show I've had the pleasure to experience.
report Recommended by Raripion
Early in Sound! Euphonium's season, their advisor asks the band what they want to achieve for the year. a) If they chose to enter and compete in Japan's national competition, Sound! Euphonium tells their story. b) If they chose to play casually and enjoy each others' company, it will be pretty much K-On!
report Recommended by mo_lave