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Both shows are slice of life anime about a bunch of cute girls. The "main" girl joins a club even though she doesn't know much about the subject of the club, but they have a little trouble creating the club due to a lack of members and advisor. Yui from K-On can be seen as a mix of the both main chars in Hanayamata since she is not very confident, like Naru, but she's enthusiastic and lively like Hana. K-On! is about music and Hanayamata is about Yosakoi dancing, also K-On! is a lot more lively overall. However, both shows mainly aim to being "cute" and   read more
report Recommended by PokeL
A group o friends coming together with similar interests. K-On and Hanayamata has a small ye favorable cast when it comes to storytelling. An important element also related to their work is the music as that too part of its gimmick. Recmmended for fans of slice of life involving clubs and music.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are about cute girls who are all best friends with each other and participate in a club. The only differences are that K-On! is about a band club, while HaNaYaMaTa is about a yosakoi club, and that HaNaYaMaTa has a little more drama. If you enjoyed the cuteness of K-On!, you will definitely enjoy HaNaYaMaTa!
report Recommended by SilverChariotx
Although Hanayamata has not yet finished airing, it draws many comparisons to K-On!. They both are a slice of life anime that revolves around a group of high school girls that initially struggle to start a club (an increasingly common trend). However K-On! And Hanayamata stand out similarly in regards to their type of club and the directive storyline. In both these anime, the club is centered on a performance based activity, with a light music club in K-On! and a yosakoi dancing club in Hanayamata. Their stories are notable in that they center on the struggles and hardships the   read more
report Recommended by mafu
♢ 5 bishoujo ♢ Heroine that isn't confident with herself (Yui - K-ON! and Naru - Hanayama) ♢ A Club that will change their future
report Recommended by Chento
Both shows revolve around a similar plot and storyline - the close friendship of the girls, the hardships of a recruiting members for their club, and pursuing their dreams. Both shows also focus on character development and are about a group of cute girls in a slice of life and music based setting though K-On! is about a Light Music Club and Hanayamata is about Yosakoi dancing. If you loved K-On!, you'll probably enjoy Hanayamata.
report Recommended by fyuuki_