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These two are pretty much the same (the first few episodes are extremly similar) with K-On! being about a group of girls trying to form a band and Free! being a group of guys trying to form a swimming club. Both are very light hearted and simple shows and the characters are extremly cliched and moe in both. They also share the same producers.
report Recommended by PokeL
Both are about group of highschool girls/boys enjoying afterschool-club activities. Both are very light-hearted and extremely moe. Both are by KyoAni.
report Recommended by helensan
K-On! and Free! are pretty much the same thing but with the genders reversed and one being a music club instead of a swim club.Both show involve the main characters finding members for there club in the beginning to help reach their goal,hanging out and doing cute things and becoming good friends.
report Recommended by Ropera
Free! is about a bunch of cute boys in a swimming club, while K-On is about a bunch of cute girls in a light music club. Both have characters which are rather cliched characters, but are more than their cliches. They are both also about working hard towards being the best at something, but K-On does have more messing around. They both also have excellent animation straight from the studio of KyoAni.
report Recommended by Fujaku
Instead of cute girls doing cute stuff it has cute boys doing cute stuff and in both series there is a group friends that bond over a common hobby in one is music and in the other it's swimming.
report Recommended by Cibeles
Ladies and gents, don't let the negativity of certain immature people keep you away from either anime. If you like one, you're very likely to enjoy the other. Both have similar, fun humor that relies on characterization.If you like essentially good-natured characters interacting and a peaceful type of atmosphere, I can recommend both anime highly.
report Recommended by Beagoodsport
The struggles of establishing a club, great comedy, variety of characters
report Recommended by Mariaknexx