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First all I have to say is, Kawaii!!!!! They both revolve around the daily lives of cute young girls and their friends. Both stories are very light hearted and employ simple life lessons on friendship and enjoying life. Don't expect for your intellect to be challenged with these series, but instead watch them with a relaxed state of mind and enjoy the comedy of the antics these lovable characters get involved in each episode. K-On!'s story is more related to music, and the girls are in highschool. Non Non Biyori girls are a variety of ages, and the story involves life in the Japanese country   read more
report Recommended by Animaniablog
Both shows are about cute girls doing cute things. Both are cheerful, kawaii and heartwarming. While watching them, you just can't stop smiling and laughing.
report Recommended by badname419
You will see that both story is mainly about a bunch of school girls enjoying their everyday life to their fullest. While K-on! had music element and takes place in a city, Non non biyori got the countryside feel.
report Recommended by ayosuaa
Its very similar. First of all, it's also Sweet to watch. There isn't a "Hard" Story. There are 5 Girls like in K-ON!. They have fun together and so on. The difference is only that K-ON! has Music but Non Non Biyori not.
report Recommended by Yanagisawa
These are both relaxing shows with mostly focus on slice of life comedy. They both have some emotional moments.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
A really cute show. Cuter than K-On! to my opinion. The cuteness killed me, the jokes killed me, both anime shows just ******* killed me! If your depressed or unhappy, this is a must-watch! Both anime shows taught me more about the Japanese culture.
report Recommended by kuruppoboy
Very similar to K-on! in terms of humor and relations. Non non biyori is about countryside and k-on! is about school music club, but they actually are both very funny and cute comedies about 4 girls having their time spent together.
report Recommended by Vizvezdenec
These two anime are both lighthearted slice of life series that follow the daily lives of a group of girls. They're both heartwarming and relaxing to watch. If you enjoy watching anime where cute girls do cute things, you'll probably like both the series.
report Recommended by Sande
Although non non biyori is about daily life in the countryside and k-on is about music and school.Both shared a similar style in k-on,they are both in flurry flurry style and hilarious with some cute moments too.
report Recommended by Tokumia
Both shows are about a group of girl with a strong friendship doing cute things, both are just so relaxing to watch and always make you think "wow this is just so cute" every episodes.
report Recommended by Ashhk
If you liked the slice of life aspect of K-On!, this series is almost all slice of life. Both series have similar character archetypes, but it doesn't feel like one is copying the other. If you liked the slow moments of K-on! just as much as the exciting parts, I believe you will truly enjoy the slow moments in Non Non Biyori. If you liked the music side of the K-On, I am sorry to admit that there is hardly any music in this anime.
report Recommended by BlueSkyGamin
Both of the series are so relaxing to watch. Each show represents some laid back slice of life with high quality moe.
report Recommended by Aoi_Yozora
These shows give off a great relaxation like if someone is coming home from a long day off work. Very wholesome moments with some cute comedy to the side.
report Recommended by n6ah
Bored? Depressed? Feeling out of it? Lost energy? Remember that 'Yaabure Kaabure' girl? Well, this anime is it. Here we have 4 girls in another slice of life dong cute things. However, this anime hits different. and it makes you feel attached to the characters in a relatively shorter period of time, giving focus to each of the main character over all the episodes in each season.
report Recommended by Kullen
Both are really cute shows, and the vibe is largely the same. Every episode shows the main cast doing random things and enjoying their time to the fullest However, K-on happens in a city with some music elements in it while Non Non Biyori happens in the countryside.
report Recommended by TheRockzSG