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Tamako Market
They are both made by kyoani. The characters are similiar and the atmosphere is the same. Both really cute and if you liked the light tones of the show you're surely gonna enjoy k-on, which is 100% warm feelings and friendship
report Recommended by danielamaghini
Both are KyoAni creations, share the same cute character design, heart-warming atmosphere, absence of real plot - there are cute girls living ordinary cute lifes with friends and family (and with bizarre parrot in TM)
report Recommended by helensan
These achieved exactly what they set out to do: it was cuteness for the sake of cuteness, and it had just enough story to make it worth watching. Tamako Market is by the team and studio that brought us K-On!, and they manage to hit this same target. It's about a girl who lives in a shopping district who is visited by a talking bird, and though the music setting from K-On! is absent, much of what made K-On! so endearing remains.
report Recommended by ianiceboy
A carefree world where a group of cute girls enjoy their lives to the fullest.
report Recommended by xForgettable
Same production company and the art looks the same. K-On! has only female characters while Tamako Market also has a bunch of male characters.
report Recommended by Digikawaii
Same Production company, Kyoani. The main character looks like Mio and Mugi together with the personality kind of similar to Yui
report Recommended by tomislol
First of all, the artwork in both of these series are quite similar especially in terms of character designs. Both series also has a lot of comedy presented in a sort of episodic format involving the main characters. The main characters in fact are mostly cute girls doing cute things. Both series are also produced by the same studio, Kyoto Animation. Both series also adopts a sense in the slice of life theme that focuses on the daily events of the characters in a fun way.
report Recommended by Stark700
•both are produced by the same company, character designs etc •both are just INCREDIBLY LOVEABLE!!!!! imo. •both are concentrated to the slice of life to the fine detail, which is so relatable and loveable. •both animes contain the exact sense of humor/personality's to fall in love with/atmospheric scenes •both do differ in how the plot progresses throughout the show, where Tamako is kinda just senseless and pointless, you overlook that with all the MOE from all the kawaiii K-On! brought with it. •they are similar with the same animation/music/loveable characters/kawaiii, but they do differ in how engaging the plot is, some viewers from watching K-ON! would be dissappointed since it   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
No it's not even that it's similar okay Tamako Market is literally K-On. It's. K-On. Seriously the designs are completely and utterly K-On. The tan chick is Azu-nyan, blonde one is Ritsu but with extra bitchy and more lesbian, Tamako is Yui, Shiori is that glasses chick from this show, Kanna is actually the only character here. Everyone else is irrelevant because this is K-ON. Did I mention it's without all the things that made K-On actually enjoyable hahahaha WONDERFUL
report Recommended by Akichii
The characters look the same and the anime has a similar feeling except there are actually male characters in tamako market
report Recommended by mewtwo21
They're both by Kyoto Ani and with some similar creators.
report Recommended by billy00
Very similar style of art and sense oh humour.
report Recommended by Enn_Michaelis
Tamako market is really cute and the characters remind me a lot about K-on! BTW, It's from the same anime company!
report Recommended by kuudere-ish
From the studio behind the drama series "Clannad" comes a comedy following the daily lives of the high school girls. The series is known for it's cute moments, funny dialogue, calm atmosphere, and some moe characteristics. Not much of story since it is a slice of life format, but if you are looking for a good comedy show with some moe moments, then these will definitely fit your time. Tamako Market takes place on a market, where the main female character helps her family selling food products. K-on is a musical comedy where the main characters tried their best to prevent their club from shutting   read more
report Recommended by omega_d94
These anime talk about high school life for girls and friendship. They both contains comedy. You could also see the similarities in the characters, such as Tamako and Yui. They both treasure their family and friends. Their personality is almost the same too. The only difference about them is that in K-On its about music and in Tamako Market its about mochi.
report Recommended by MechaDevil
Similarities: - characters are similar. They have same attitude, movements & face - both school & slice of life genre'd animes - story is very similar - both anime always do weird stuff - makes you want to watch more
report Recommended by Nyaroha
To start off Tamako Market and K-On are from the same animation studio (Kyoto Animations) Both anime are light and fluffy. Tamako and Yui are very similar in their unwavering smile and that almost nothing can dampen their spirit. Both anime are slice of life and revolve around a close group of friends where eventually more characters are added. I truly loved both anime and i hope you will as well.
report Recommended by flylittlebirdie
Okay so both are slice of life anime with the same art style, the whole cute and fluffy look to them. Even though the main point of both (the purpose lets say) are completely different, I still believe that these two anime have quite a few things similar to each other. So now, if you have watched Tamako Market then check out K-on if you want a really light series that you want to enjoy (and vise versa)
report Recommended by AngelBeatsYui
Instead of an "oblivious to school" Hirasawa Yui, you get an "oblivious to her love life" Kitashirakawa Tamako. Instead of music and after school tea time, you get a market place, a weird talking bird, and mochi. Lots and lots of mochi.
report Recommended by curosstail
k-on is a story about four (and in the second season five) girls becoming a family of sorts, the fifth girl coming in and being readily accepted tamako market is a story about an entire community becoming a family, newcomers readily welcomed both have similar art styles (kyoani) and have the same general feel
report Recommended by juliasanime
Both are slice of life by Kyoto animations. Lighthearted and easy to watch with a focus on characters and how they interact
report Recommended by Zogger568
These two slice of life anime are both lighthearted comedies made by Kyoto Animation. They both follow the daily lives of a group of girls who are part of the same club in their high schools. If you enjoy watching anime where cute girls do cute things, you'll probably like both the series.
report Recommended by Sande
Both are very fun little anime, that revolve around a community. In K-On! it's a club, in Tamako Market it's a shopping district. Both touch on subjects like friendship, and attachment towards their communities.
report Recommended by Werty800
From the same studio, Tamako Market has a lot of the same charm that K-on! has, but with a different feel. Tamako Market takes place in a small town rather than in a busy school, for the most part, and has a much more (for lack of a better word) relatable, almost, feel to it; It's more about a girl and her friends going about their day-to-day life rather than a club of students going to school every day. I wouldn't say I prefer either show over the other, but you should definitely check out this one if you haven't yet (or vice versa!).
report Recommended by Nani-ko
Both are lighthearted comedy with a unique way of using music. They also share the same studio and director.
report Recommended by Erforscht