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Do you like "cute high school girls" performing on stage? If your answer is yes, then it's time to rock your seats.
report Recommended by xForgettable
Both featured the starting of girls music group in all-girls school in SoL setting
report Recommended by allflying
These shows have a similar appeal, in the sense that they are both about a group of girls striving to become something big in a musical setting. I found myself getting sucked into both of these shows because I wanted to see the characters develop their musical prowess from almost nothing, into something amazing, such as what is showcased in full glory in both shows' OP and ED sequences. Both series also have an extensive discography outside the anime, allowing for even greater immersion into their respective universes.
report Recommended by Goosta
Both series are set in an all girls school. The girls all work together to form a band or a group. Pretty much both anime are music related and have plenty of moe to go around.
report Recommended by gigglingidiot
Both These animes are about high school girls having fun with friends and music, though while in K-On! its more about friends being laid back and playing instruments, Love! Live! is about friends who decide to become school idols to attract students to their school so it doesn't get shut down and making friends along the way. Both cute and Moe.
report Recommended by GothGurl504
Both are longer moe anime than the rest, and feature girls who sing and perform! Also, both have tons of excellent music, in addition to just the opening and ending themes! The characters are very lovable and you will definitely miss them after finishing each!
report Recommended by SilverChariotx
Mio and Umi both have stage fright but Mio get's frightened by everything Both Mio and Umi have more mature singing voices while Yui and Honoka (Main characters) have cuter voices. Something's getting disbanded (School in Love Live and Light Music Club in K-On) Cute girls doing cute things (more obvious in K-On) All girls school.
report Recommended by ParkerZ1
Both series have moe high school characters who want to accomplish something great and have fun while doing so. In K-On!, girls want to form a band and save their club from closing. It's very similar to Love Live! where girls want to save their whole school from closing by forming a Idol group. Both anime have a lot of moe :D and this heartwarming feeling you get while watching both of them. There is also a lot of singing and dancing :). If you liked one of the anime mentioned above, and you were smiling while watching it, I bet you will love the other   read more
report Recommended by Misiakk
✰ same genre anime : music, friendship, slice of life, also comedy ✰ really touching stories ✰ there's something to learn about in this anime
report Recommended by nattacaa
Enjoy music, with some funny cute moments? The story takes place on a school which the main characters goal is preventing things to not shut down. In order to do this, they recruit members, practice, and give it all out at the final performance to attract audiences. The difference is that K-On is a band and don't want their club to shut down, while Love Live is Idol singing preventing there school from closing.
report Recommended by omega_d94
They both have to do with music (clubs) and the characters are similar.
report Recommended by Lwaxana
Both are about high school girls starting a music group. In K-On! it's a band and in Love Live! it's an idol group. The characters have similar personalities especially Umi and Mio. ^_^
report Recommended by Jalenese
Both are about a group of school girls forming a music group and both of the series have similar objectives, prior to creating the music group. In K-On, this is to save a band from disbanding, while in Love Live, this is to attract new students in order to stop the school from closing down. Both of the series' setting are about school, the bond between the girls in the group and while having comedy and moe at the same time. Not to forget, K-On and Love Live both have great music and discography, which makes both of the series very memorable.
report Recommended by SteveTF2gamer620
Are you looking for cute and pretty girls on stage? Singing and as well dancing? Or do you love music animes? Might as well try Love Live! School Project. Both strive to aim their own reasoning. They sing their hearts content and some of the main characters have the love for eating. K-On is band and Love Live! School Project is an apparent Idol show. Obviously hehe.
report Recommended by miochan21
In k-on and love live, both have admirable characters with really good friendships with each other. Both animes are about singing and performing. The animes are also cute, making you want to watch more. Both are really good animes if you're looking for a school, music, or slice of life anime.
report Recommended by pinkhearted
They are both music anime. One is about school idols, and one is about a light music club. Both include cute interactions amongst the characters. Both anime produce pretty catchy and upbeat music.
report Recommended by gayanime
Both are music comedy anime with much cute characters. They're about school girls who want to be famous singer group. In both there's some drama thread.
report Recommended by Milordka
Anime about cute high school girls making music. They have a similar character cast and plenty of enjoyable slice of life and comedy. Both also have a focus on friendship, and have a 'stronger' second season.
report Recommended by Avidreader123
Both are telling about music, and the characters have many similar personality.
report Recommended by Blue_Heaven
Theme: Music When it comes to competition. I gotta say that K-On! only focuses on in-premise performance whereas Love Live Idol is a group of idols who really needs to compete in order to save their school from shutting down but what makes it similar is that whenever they practice they do boot camps in order to boost up their performance, but sometimes because of negligence they were able to just enjoy themselves by doing non-essential things BUT IN THE END they are able to perform on a top-notch level.
report Recommended by Xeraeulius
Very similar animes, with Love Live being a lot more serious in the achievements and K-On! being much more casual.
report Recommended by Nailbeast
Both anime feature an all girl music group with great memorable characters, funny moments, and an overall slice of life theme.
report Recommended by Backin2020
Pretty much the same. Although the stories are different you have the same idol anime vibe in both animes. Cute characters, drama and amazing songs: you'll get this in these two! If you like idol or moe animes you sure gonna like not only Love Live, but K-On as well
report Recommended by ren6
It's hard NOT to see similarities between Love Live! and K-ON!. They are both about girls who are dedicated to playing music, and the characters are very similar. I can definitely see Umi as Mio, and Honoka as a mix of Yui and Ritsu.
report Recommended by lowlifeloveliver
A group of cute girls doing cute things with a music based story, both very relaxing to watch
report Recommended by de_pression
Needless to say, K-On! and Love Love! School Idol Project are music-centric anime. While K-On’s story revolves around four high school girls joining a light music club in order to keep it from disbanding, Love Live! School Idol Project’s story is about the main character, Honoka, and her group of friends creating a school idol group called "μ's" (muse) in order to attract new students and prevent the school from shutting down. Although the two have a few different plot specifics, they both work to prevent something they love from closing. In addition, the overall theme of friendship and passion and drive are present. With   read more
report Recommended by OtakuJKP
Both K-On and Love Live are super cute, muscial Slice of Life's. There is no major drama that the story gets bogged down in, and they just follow the very cute relationships of high school friends.
report Recommended by waly913
Love Live and K-On are light hearted school anime with musical and comedy elements. Characters also have similar characteristics in both series. They are different though, with Love Live having a stronger story and containing more musical elements and K-On having less of a story and less musical numbers.
report Recommended by PowerCaller
These two series both feature a group of high school girls who form a music group to prevent their club or school from closing. Both anime are quite lighthearted and have comedy and drama in them. If you enjoy watching slice of life anime or are into music, you might like both shows.
report Recommended by Sande
Schoolgirl anime, lots of good music, kawaii anime girls, air headed main character.
report Recommended by ChangT
Two very similar music shows. Both K-On! and Love Live! School Idol Project: - Are famous and influent Moe anime. - Have a group of girls trying to grow up with music. - Have characters with similar personalities. - Are relaxing to watch.
report Recommended by Caronte
Strikingly similar, couple of girls want to form an aesthetics club in a school, be it an idol group or a band. However, Love Live! focuses more on the developments and training of each of the girls skills in singing, and in K-On!, the friendships between the girls are more developed and explored compared to Love Live!'s characters. But hey, to each his own. :)
report Recommended by mitho880
Music + cute girls. what more could you want?
report Recommended by NucleaRaven
Both involve slice of life,comedy,music and moe girls. While Love Live has more characters singing and dancing scenes,K-on is more descriptive and has more comedy moments. If you want to look for better and more descriptive Highschool life story,give K-on a try :3
report Recommended by Tokumia
K-On! & Love Live! School Idol Project: Both are music anime with a slice of life of cute high school girls, and both are relaxing.
report Recommended by MizoPro
A bunch of cute high school girls, set on fire by an charismatic airhead, provides a endearing, comedic and a funny time. If you like watching chastingshows (e.g. BGT) you will really enjoy watching these characters and the development of their relationships. I would recommend it to anyone who just wants to have some a fun time and some heartwarming moments along the way. And K-On! hits the same tone. A fluffy cotton candy, with good music and an cast that is really the driving force. That is what both anime have in common, in addition to some other similarities.
report Recommended by Sesshomaru
Both of these anime shows have cute girls performing and creating unique and amazing music!!
report Recommended by SmileyDayDream
Did you like K-On? Nice! Do you need to feel what you liked about K-on? Nice! Then Love Live is your anime! The characters convey the same feeling of unity, desire of surpassed themself and the same tenderness in the story!
report Recommended by Hanabi-tan
Both of these anime's are about a cutesey group of girls that Form groups/Bands with their friends and share their love for Music and performing
report Recommended by Eyesofbliss
Both have the same genres of Music, School and Slice of life. The characters for both anime are cute and lovable. Both anime are also about a girl wanting to make a school club associated with music (idol/light music), but doesn't have enough members. Eventually, there are more members than the minimum.
report Recommended by ReeDani
Some cute girls become friends when they decide to form a band together. At the beginning of the two stories, some of the girls are already friends and are looking for other people to recruit to support the different roles of their dream band. Each girl has a different appearance and personality, and each has special skills. Also, the respectives main characters both have a very similar personality. In conclusion, they are both cute animes dealing with the importance of friendship and music under a school background.
report Recommended by MONOII
- High school music club - Honoka and Umi are similar to Yui and Mio - Only female characters - The characters are trying to form a band and win a music competition
report Recommended by Alex2422
Both have wonderful and developed characters in music clubs who started from scratch. Their first seasons also set the stage for their respective (and superior) second seasons. What makes them even more alike is the similarity between Honoka & Yui (air-headed and happy optimist leader), Umi & Mio (shy, but talented main lyricist), Kotori & Mugi (kind and gentle) and Nico & Azusa (arguably the most important character and they both have twin tails). While the issues of K-On are not as problematic as Love Live, they're both cute, funny and musical anime that'll get you sucked in.
report Recommended by Starchaser
Both featured cute high school girls and awesome music that surely rock your world. Both series bring you slice of life and lots of laughter that boost up your mood especially when you're stressed out.
report Recommended by The_Anonymous28
Both K-on and Love Live are MOE, fluffy shows that focus on a group of dynamically diverse characters, in which they strengthen each other as individuals. As a conjoined group they empower each other. They compensate for the others shortcomings, strengthening their bond simultaneously.
report Recommended by -Ghosxuto-
-Both are lighthearted shows centered around music. -Both have full cast of female characters. -Characters often have fun and have quirky personalities.
report Recommended by Cozye
Both are about girls making music. Similar character archetypes and roughly the same appeal.
report Recommended by kakyokunoriaki
-Both center around a group of high school girls who go to an all girl school -Both have a lot of funny moments -Similar characters/personalities -A lot of songs that are happy and sweet
report Recommended by SaylorM00N
These shows talk about schoolgirls trying to make music clubs - I found the MCs really similar to each other. Revolving about music, there’s a wide song section and the two anime have their own moē artstyles.
report Recommended by stxynite
They're both school girl groups They both have to do with music
report Recommended by Certified_Rat
Between these 2 animes I find that there are still some big similarities,and I think someone who loves K-on! will necessarily like love live (and vice versa)!
report Recommended by Koyoplug
Both are based off of girls playing music and having fun. There is no main plot exactly for K ON, but there is somewhat of a conclusion to Love Live and they both have unique animation.
report Recommended by Bloomberry
Both are about groups of girls in high school who sing together.
report Recommended by SuperSonicRacer
The main characters of both series are high school girls. Each series has diverse and fun characters. The main themes are school and friendship, music and the challenges of growing up. Although at first the series may look similar, each has its own charm and uniqueness.
report Recommended by sweetenedcoffee
Both anime features a character that is extremely passionate about music. Both anime plot is quite similar, and it has generally had a chill, wholesome atmosphere. Both MCs have a final goal which is making it into the biggest stage and performing in their region. However there is some difference between these 2 show, 1. K-on had a more light-hearted approach to music while Love Live is more serious. 2. In Love-live everyone is a vocalist, while in K-on only Yui and Mio sing. 3. Love Live shows their struggles and their failure more than K-on. 4. Love Live has some sad and emotional moments while K-on   read more
report Recommended by TheRockzSG