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High school clubs about music. In K-On it's the light music club, and in Tari Tari it's choir. Both series also feature quite the quirky cast, although the main character lineup in K-On is significantly derpier and more geared toward "cute girls doing cute things," while the lineup in Tari Tari is more relatable to the viewer and is mixed, i.e. both guys and girls.
report Recommended by Numi
Both animes are about a group of highschool students trying to recruit enough people to create a club related to music, and go through performances
report Recommended by MagicFlier
They are similar to each other because it's about club of music. XD that's all.
report Recommended by zZJoennZz
"Cute girls doing cute stuff in a cute way" Is a bad label for this recommendation and I feel bad for using it, but it's "somewhat" correct. As long as you don't get into Tari Tari expecting another K-ON, you're fine. Starting with their similarities, both series have this "school music club" setup that populated this medium like a uncontrollable wave during the past years. They have music (duh, obviously) and friendship as the main focus. While both shows are almost episodic, they are tight to a central theme that takes the main stage during the climax of the final episodes. K-ON holds strong to the "friends   read more
report Recommended by xbobx
Both are related to music Both of the series' characters dedicated themselves to music from the beginning Great soundtracks
report Recommended by ShinoAsada
Both animes feature a slice of life-style genre with the addition of music as a main feature: choir for Tari Tari and "Light-music" for K-ON!. They feature a distinct cast, too, each character having clear personalities. For example, Both Mio and Wien are somewhat clueless and childish, yet very passionate about their friends and interests.
report Recommended by SolarTrifle
Same: - Forming a music club. - High school setting. - Not much of a story but isn't too random. - Rather easy watching, K-On! more-so. - Vibrant characters. Different: - K-On! has moe and silly characters. TT has beautiful and realistic characters. - Art style. I find TT more visually impressive. - K-On! is very light hearted. TT has drama. - K-On!'s band play J-Pop/Rock. TT are a choir group. - K-On!'s cast is all female whilst TT is mixed with gender and age. Conclusion: Both are a joy to watch. I don't think the two are that similar apart from the setting and plot. K-On starts off rather slow but really picks up in the middle   read more
report Recommended by badgerkins
Both anime have the same genre (musical) Take the same place, school The characters are in the same club But Tari Tari have some boys character.. K-ON don't have any boys character.. I think both anime have same storyline.. So, if you liked Tari Tari or K-ON you should try the other one..
report Recommended by FerdinandSurya
Tari Tari and K-On both center on a group of high school students forming a music group and to perform in front of others. Tari Tari is a group for choir, while K-On is a group for light music. The group in Tari Tari consists of mixed: boys and girls and K-On consists of all girls. In both series, the characters each have their unique personalities and traits. The atmosphere of both series are really colourful and cheerful. Overall, both are pleasant and fun to watch.
report Recommended by SteveTF2gamer620
Music is powerful. It can be moving, interesting, and engaging. Fortunately, K-On! and Tari Tari not only achieves that but they also use music in a way that unites friends from all walks of life. Furthermore, both shows have very realistic and relatable characters that set goals for themselves - whether it's something as simple as learning to play an instrument or something more complicated as building relationships. The artwork quality in both shows is also remarkable. Definitely would recommend both as each show is only 13 episodes long.
report Recommended by -Remix-