K-On!, Hyouka Recommendations

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Similar art, school club, similar characters' personalit but in K-On there are only girls, Hyouka have 2 male characters
report Recommended by popputtepipikku
Exact same art, and club theme
report Recommended by vasplar
-Same producer
-Similar style of art
-Hyouka tells about mystery, while K-on! tells about daily life of music.
-The main girl in Hyouka was also played in K-on! as well.
report Recommended by SilentTruth
K-On! and Hyouka are quite similar hence this recommendation.

+Both series takes place at school like setting with a club of friends doing fun things; the activities they enjoy.
+Both series' art style are similar given that the same producers are involved. (Kyoto Animation)
+Additionally, both series' main female protagonists has the same voice actress.
+Both series contain plenty of comedy, drama, and also some emotional moments that makes it worthwhile to watch.
report Recommended by Stark700
A band of lovable misfits join a club that does stuff and form a camaraderie as strong as steel
report Recommended by ShitNugget