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Some of the main characters look, feel, and act similar. Also, in both shows, the main girl leads the team with her great skill. She also feels inferior to her mother and sister who lives separate from her. Her sister is very well known, and at the end of both series, the main character finally has the courage to face her sister. Also, both clubs are being resurrected by upperclassmen, and there are other members that are extremely talented as well. If you like GuP, you'll adore Saki! And if you liked saki, you will appreciate, and probably love GuP as well :)
report Recommended by 101swoop101
Both protagonists are drawn back into an activity she had come to dislike while growing up, finding new friends and a renewed interest. Both look up to their older sisters but do not have a good relationship with them.
report Recommended by arsonal
Let's see... 1. FMC (Saki, Miho) is genius at said activities, but refused to do it first due to dramatic past that has something to do with water. 2. Their girl friend (Nodoka, Yukari) is a fan of said club activities. 3. Both have 'estranged' older sister (Teru, Maho). 4. There were similarty between Saki's chars and GuP chars.
report Recommended by Oohoshi_Awai
Both leads in these two animes hated their 'respective roles in which they had alot of potential for, they had exceptional skill yet they refuse to take on that role because they both went through traumatic events of it in their past(s).
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both are battle anime featuring groups of girls competing to be the best in the nation. Tanks with Girls und Panzer and Mahjong with Saki. The main protagonist's rival is her own older sister who is more experienced in the craft. A member of the group is obsessed with tanks/mahjong. I'm sure there are other parallels but basically Girls und Panzer is Saki with tanks.
report Recommended by Makise
Tanks not your thing? Saki is Girls und Panzer's mahjong equivalent. Not only is style and execution similar, they mirror each other in both plot and character.
report Recommended by Lanthanum
Both series features a young group of girls together in an activity that they embrace and are skilled at. Both series has a school life setting where there is comedy, drama, and competitions. These competitions puts the girls' skills at test against other competitors. Friendship and strategies are involved in both series that allows the characters to stay one step ahead of their opponents. Both series also features some nice soundtrack.
report Recommended by Stark700
Incredibly similar premise with a very similar main character. Both are quality "sports" anime about female characters,.
report Recommended by Hunter2X2
Both MC a reluctant to play in something they're good at because of something that happened in the past. Saki- Mahjong, GuP- Panzers Both the girls also have a somewhat strained relationship with their older sisters. In both series, the club tries to reach nationals Both are entertaining to watch with all the action, so have fun!
report Recommended by onesnowyday_
both protagonists are child protegees of their games. both have sisters that they look up to that are relatively famous for the games, but do not have a good relationship with because of an incident. both do not like the game at first because of their childhood, but are pulled into it and realize how fun it can be. both are a team aiming for the nationals to face their sisters. both are about how the team works together and their motivation. both have some yuri. only difference is that saki is mahjong and girls und panzer is panzer (tank martial arts)
report Recommended by MoonfrostGirl
- main characters really good at the sport they're playing - have sister who are at the level of pros, and are on bad terms with them - aim for national tourney with friends - main characters are pretty much all girls -Both are enjoyable to watch
report Recommended by powerofemo
Nothing more to say, Girls und Panzer are more or less Saki on tanks. Main story, fights, characters-everything is really alike.
report Recommended by Vizvezdenec
Main character is a girl, who doesn't like a certain game despite being very good at it. This has something to do with her family, mainly her older sister. In her school, she gets dragged to a team, where she makes new friends and gets to like the game. Then they go to a tournament, meet many opponents (cute girls) from other schools and play against all of them, while making their way to the final. We get to know girls from different teams, who are very diverse and likable (some of them even more than the main characters). Even though Saki isn't action-oriented, mahjong matches   read more
report Recommended by Alex2422