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Higashi no Eden
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Higashi no Eden
Summer Wars
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Summer Wars
If you like stories about big networks through mobile phones and the net, you should watch these two.
report Recommended by johnisnothisdate
Summer Wars reminds me of Hisagi no Eden because both are sci-fi in near future and both show you the usage of user accounts and internet in a whole new way. Summer Wars however, completely lacks realism.
report Recommended by bleeb
In Eden, there's a computer system that pretty much compasses all people on earth. It seems to me, that Summer Wars is the future of that system from Eden.
report Recommended by BRC
Similar idea of web-world
report Recommended by Entony
Oz=Eden. In HNE when Eden is shut down, alot of things happend like when Oz was shut down in summer wars. The english voice of Oz is the same VA who did juiz from HNE's voice.-The english voice cast are similar. Osugi in HNE has the same personality as kenji in sumer wars, the missle scene in HNE is similar to the space thing crashing scene in summer wars.
report Recommended by yagamisignum
Higashi no Eden has a certain air to it that reminded me immediately of Summer Wars. If you liked the teamwork Harisawa and the other show as they work against a common foe, then you'll love Summer Wars! It's all about community, and you'll watch an intense battle as a family bands together to fight a dangerous threat on the Internet; a large crowd clustered around a computer -- sounds familiar, doesn't it? And, of course, there's romance! Not overwhelmingly, but a dash of just the right amount, just like in Higashi no Eden. If that sense of teamwork and romance is what drew you   read more
report Recommended by oh_hai_mark
Both very modern feeling. Characters use cell phones and the internet to communicate. Both contain a budding romance. Both have a light-hearted feel with occasional notes of dark seriousness.
report Recommended by trevb0t