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Indeed similar, while watching Mirai Nikki it brought me back the feeling i had when i used to watch Higashi no Eden. Both series are action and mystery genres, as well both share an important point of the main line in the plot: a teenager (Akira for Higashi and Yukiteru for Mirai) received a "special phone" and has to somewhat change the world with it. Akira has 10 billions of yen which he has to use to change Japan for good, as well Yukiteru has the diary of future which he needs to use in order to survive and become the new god of space and time. Still,   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Both are games which involve life and death making players involuntarily participate and be the last man standing, making it all possible by special aid from their cellphones.
report Recommended by elsalvatrucho64
Higashi no Eden reminded me a lot of Mirai Nikki. Both are really interesting stories about 12 people in a "game." Using their cell phone, one of them will change the world somehow while the rest will die.
report Recommended by BreezeElric
They're basically the same thing, except Mirai Nikki has phones that tell the future and Eden of the East has phones that give you mad stacks.
report Recommended by walla
Both contain 12 people involved in some kind of survival game with mobile phones however Higashi no Eden is less annoying
report Recommended by helensan
Owners of special cell phones participate in a survival game.
report Recommended by arsonal
Mirai Nikki is the horror version of Higashi no Eden, in my opinion.
report Recommended by xMichi
Both involve 12 players fighting to stay alive Both involve players using their special cell phones to win the battle Both involve a Mysterious mastermind behind the game In both anime the main character is helped by a girl They both involve strategy and planning in order to win the game
report Recommended by KyYyR
Both anime's plots involve a supernatural cellphone and a game, in which the winner dominates and the losers die.
report Recommended by orcid615
12 people with special cell phones compete in a survival game in Japan. One of the cell phone holders watches the other eleven. One of the main characters loses their memories early on. The winner of the survival game gets a position of power.
report Recommended by RedMage23
They are 12 people connected in a game with cellphones with a battle royale outcome, only one can survive. They are very different in animation style and way of storytelling but they are both great and if you love the 12 people+cellpphone+battle royale story you'll love both of them!
report Recommended by 2219
twelve contestants are given a cell phone that becomes their "tool to survive" - the last one standing wins.
report Recommended by lyuhak
When I saw Mirai Nikki, I remembered immediately Higashi no Eden. The fact that they use mobile phones as a way to change the future - in different ways and with ambitions a bit different, but still this way. - Got me interested in both stories. A plot well done, many great works.
report Recommended by Ryousama
The use of cellphones in order to see the events of other peoples actions in Eden of the east there is basically one diary with all the events in it and its always being updated but in Mirai Nikki Each Diary is different and corresponds with that persons physical and mental conditions.
report Recommended by DaFreshLink
Higashi no Eden and Mirai Nikki are quite similar. First, the plot are mainly based on a game that's used on a cellphone. Second, the main character feels lost in the anime and tries to figure out what to do. Third, people die; though, Mirai Nikki is more bloody.
report Recommended by Aleron
a game played with cellphones for a select few humans
report Recommended by okasian
Both Higashi no Eden and Mirai Nikki have 12 individuals with phones (usually) that have something special about them. One major difference is Higashi's less supernatural and not a horror anime like Mirai Nikki. Also, it should be noted that Higashi ONLY has special phones involved, whereas the powers in Mirai Nikki don't necessarily require a phone...it just has to be some sort of diary (be that a phone, book, or what have you). Still, if you enjoyed the idea of 12 individuals getting thrown in a special (and oftentimes dangerous) situation against each other, or if you enjoyed one of these two, you'll probably   read more
report Recommended by gamehazard93
Both involve several people working against each other in a high-stakes competition.
report Recommended by Thorndrop
Both series, through the use of cell phones and knowledge, allow for a total of 12 individuals to compete in a survival game. In Mirai Nikki, the objective of the game is to destroy everyone else's diary, or simply kill them, until there is only one person left standing. This final person, by winning the game, is granted the title of god in the place of Deus ex Machina, who is on the verge of death. While, in Higashi no Eden, the objective of the game is for the participants to "save" Japan by using the 10 billion yen that is on their phone. Both   read more
report Recommended by Sashimigami
both are survival games involving a group of 12 people who have cell phones possessing strange qualities that help the participant compete without giving them an actual supernatural power to fight. both have shocking twists and turns that leave you wondering who is on who's side, and an ending that is impossible to grasp. both manage to wrap up their stories in such a way that you are both surprised, satisfied, and left to wonder what will happen. both have unusual romances for the lead characters.
report Recommended by carathos
Both story is about the main character gets a cell phone with awesome power and their mission is to change the world.....but mirai nikki is more of a horror genres and Eden of the east is more of a romance genres....my point is both anime are good and if you seen one you show check out the other
report Recommended by SnowLife
Both stories have "battle royale" theme. Participants using cellphones with special abilities.
report Recommended by meownet
Both of these animes contain cell phones with mysterious powers. Each show had 12 players and the goal is to be the overall winner of a game. Mirai Nikki is more serious and sci-fi, Higashi no Eden is funnier and has a lighter feel.
report Recommended by TheBakaloid
Both animes involve a game of life and death , with unknown opponents competing for a grand prize. Both also use phones(or in mirai nikki case phones or something similar) to help them in their task. Mirai Nikki contains fantasy elements, with gore. On the other hand eden of the east is more realistic, and is not as graphic. Both animes though are definetly worth a watch.
report Recommended by ElPysCongroo
In both anime we have a group of people who possess mobile phones that give them powers, and in the end have to achieve a goal even if that means killing the other mobile phone users.
report Recommended by philiphos
replace the "future diaries" with lots of moneys and take the crazy stalker out in Mirai Nikki and you get Higashi no Eden!
report Recommended by gimeyop
Both are similar in a way that it is a game of survival and there are 12 contestants who don't all know each other.
report Recommended by Nostr
Both of them consist of characters taking part in a survival game, with mobile phones as the tool to battle one another. However Mirai Nikki decides to portray this in a much more violent way, making you want to see how the Diary owners will fare in battles against one and other. Whereas Eden of the East pulls you in with a much more mysterious feel, giving you the desire to watch more to piece together the mystery.
report Recommended by gloomlp
-Both animes talk about a game between 12 person in order to save the world -In the 2 series , the players have special phones that gives them special features .. .....
report Recommended by Mizzo
beceuse of games and mobile phones....
report Recommended by Otacchi_
Both have light romance; both use cell phones in a quest to dominate and control the world.
report Recommended by abstrxct
Both have survival games where their cellphones have powers that help them stay alive.They both have some drama in them but for the most part Higashi no Eden is a Mystery while Mirai Nikki is a Horror/Action.Both female leads are opposites of each other and almost the same can be said for the male lead.
report Recommended by Ozzey
As others have said, they are similar! A game using your lives in Japan! However, Mirai Nikki is a bit more... Wild and disturbing compared to Higashi no Eden, which is really cute and funny most of the time. Higashi no Eden is leaned more towards girls IMO.
report Recommended by Mayuka
They both are survival games. They both use cell phones in the game. They both have at least double digit enemies meaning at least 10 others besides the Protagonist. Both the protagonists are male and are friendly with a female. They are both action packed from the start and interest never fades.
report Recommended by TMC2014
Tournament to the death using special cellphones.
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
Mirai Nikki and Higashi no Eden both deal with a game where 12 contestants battle out (with the use of their phones) to determine one winner. Both series were epic and awesome!
report Recommended by Mystie-
SURVIVAL GAME: The plots for both includes having 12 people gathered and given a special cellphone in order for them to survive. The cellphone is what identifies them as a player, fighting to win a mysterious battle. Mirai Nikki is more horror, gore, and supernatural than Eden of the East as it is more innocent and has a lighter story. Both have a great love story that will let you sail great ships lol
report Recommended by knightdreaming
- both are focusing in a game scenario where you you have to eliminate the other players to win. - players have to track down the others using a specific device. Eden uses other players' logs while Mirai Nikki is on future predictions. - both are thrillers. Mirai Nikki is slightly better.
report Recommended by raviel_ken
Both are a death games with the mobile phone as their primary tool.
report Recommended by johngee
Mirai Nikki ( Future Diary ) and Higashi no Eden ( Eden of The East ) are both very similar. The plots of both series is the main male character being sent into a real life death game were you have to kill the other players to survive. Both are VERY similar. The similarities are..... - Both have cell phones as their weapons - Both main male and female characters fall in love - Both are plots are the same - Both main male characters become more mature as the series continues. - Both main female main support the male main - Both have to fight to survive If you haven't seen   read more
report Recommended by bbyhasu
While Higashi no Eden and Mirai Nikki are different in terms of character, they share the same idea of twelve people who are selected and forced to play a "game." The two animes also share the idea of the "players" having phones with a certain degree of power.
report Recommended by sweetN1GHTMARE
Similar in regards to the survival games played among those involved and mobile phones being used in the most part as the tool in which the player can use to obtain an advantage.
report Recommended by almostacrayon
Both anime have some sort of death game, where the winner becomes very powerful. Both use phones as their main tool. Both have good romance. Both have badass characters (Mirai Nikki: Yuno / Higashi no Eden: Akira Takizawa) Both are thrilling and contain some spectacular plot twists :) A must watch!
report Recommended by nexxis
If you enjoyed the concept of Higashi no Eden -- a game involving cellphones, with 12 players chosen without a say, where only one can be the winner and the others must all die -- then you will love Mirai Nikki. The atmosphere and purpose of the game are quite different - in Higashi no Eden, it is fairly light-hearted and the aim is to save Japan, while Mirai Nikki is pretty dark and the only goal is to become the new God -- however, the concept is nearly identical, including the romance between the two main characters, friends outside of the game getting involved,   read more
report Recommended by laputia
-game with mobile phones
report Recommended by Synkue_Synchron
-both have the "op cell phones" -eden has a better romance, but mirai nikki has a romance(though creepy) too - both main characters have the aim to take over a role that was formerly inherited by the initiator of the game - neither yukiteru nor takizawa get arrogant/egoistic in spite of their power
report Recommended by Ponti1
-Both deal with individuals chosen for something -Only one is supposed to survive in the end -Involves the use of cell phones (for the most part) to do things
report Recommended by OrionSkies
They are both Survival Games and There are 12 Participants who needs to use their cellphones to change the world. However only one shall be the winner and the MC also has a relationship with the female lead. Although The Female Lead in Mirai Nikki is a lot more "Clingy" than the one in Higashi no Eden. If you like The first one then you will like the other.
report Recommended by Skadimiya
The core concepts of both these shows are very similar and at the same time very different. The concept of the cell phone as their main tool of survival and destruction are unique and similar between both series. The mystery of the game and the concealment of main characters through out each series with each having their own motive to save or kill each other is right along the lines of Higashi no Eden. I highly recommend if you liked Eden and what something that is very similar but with a refreshing twist and new characters, Mirai Nikki would be perfect.
report Recommended by Whit3_Shad0w
The plot of both shows revolves around cell phones that citizens have been given and are forced to use in order to survive. The main characters of each discover new things about their respective "games" and learn how to function within them. Both shows contain an ultimatum that includes death as a possible penalty. Psychologically thrilling with a hint of romance, both series will have you on the edge of your seat until the end.
report Recommended by chikkupea
Both animes are are about a survival game and the number of players is the same-12.
report Recommended by Howling_Darkness
Similarities -include a game with 12 participants -have a device of some sort to use in the game (the Salecao phones for Higashi no Eden and the future diaries for Mirai Nikki) -both have male a female leads where female is interested in the guy Differences -Mirai Nikki is more violent and has more gore -the female lead in Higashi no Eden is not a killer -different overall feel in anime
report Recommended by Xorcon
Both of the are playing a game with a phone, but Mirai Nikki is a brutal type of story, while Higashi no Eden is more relaxing and an enjoyable show.
report Recommended by YizelTro
People who were chosen for a kind of game where only one will be the winner, and will acquire great power. These people each acquires a Quick Tools that will facilitate the game. Things will be hard to do when their identities are not known.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
If you enjoyed the phone giving you control aspect of Mirai Nikki, Higashi no Eden is for you as these people can do pretty much anything with their phones This anime is also a death game of sorts but there is less urgency to it as the phone users don't hunt each other down and a player only meets death if they break kinda easy to follow rules. This one is more so a mystery and also a comment on modern day society (more specifically employment and NEETs)
report Recommended by BellieAdellie
Both shows revolve around the future of the world/country placed in the cell phones of 12 random people. Higashi no Eden came first and is the superior series, however.
report Recommended by We_are_zero
If you liked Mirai Nikki, then you may like Higashi no Eden. As in Mirai Nikki, there is a game using mobile phones where each candidate must eliminate the others to win. But it has less violence, much more thinking and no fantastic stuff.
report Recommended by uraahara
The shows are very similar because both shows are action, mystery shows. The MC receives a "special" cellphone that he needs to use to change the world. In Higashi no Eden the MC gets 10 billion yen, which he need to use to change Japan. In Mirai Nikki he has a cellphone that he can use to see the future that he needs to use to survive. Mirai Nikki goes more to the horror and gore side and Higashi no Eden is a show with more humor.
report Recommended by BrandonMTA
Both feature an almost identical premise in "survival game with phones". Be warned: Mirai Nikki is significantly more violent and heavier. Higashi no Eden, on the contrast, has a more fleshed out MC who is actually decisive and intelligent.
report Recommended by cTilki
Both shows have to do with weird mysterious mobile phones. The users of these phones in both anime are taking part in a survival game. Eden of the East focuses on a more serious and deep plot full with mystery right from the beginning, without using characters as props(Oh the yandere girl we all know), and Mirai Nikki focuses more on romance if you can call this thing a romance. Both have awesome opening songs and revovle around mystery and games of life and death. If you liked Higashi no Eden and you're into paranoid infatuated girls, you should definately watch Mirai Nikki, you're bound   read more
report Recommended by karvounina
To me, watching Higashi No Eden was the same as Mirai Nikki They both give off a very similar vibe Similarities : -They are randomly selected to be in a survival game. -Utilizes their cellphones to play the 'game'. -The amount of mystery and suspense will leave the viewers looking for more. -Has to eliminate the other players of the game to win. -Main lead has a girl following him around. However, Mirai Nikki gives off a very creepy vibe everytime you watch it and will send a chill down your spine while Higashi No Eden is more relaxed.
report Recommended by Enignus
English - American We can say that both have romance, drama and are like a game of survival, however Higashi no Eden there is a very good humor, and romance as nothing forced Mirai Nikki, I recommend those who like drama, romance and mystery. For further information, see my comments. Português - Brasil Podemos dizer que ambos têm romance, drama e são como um jogo de sobrevivência, no entanto Higashi nenhum Eden há um bom humor e romance como nada forçado Mirai Nikki, eu recomendo aqueles que gostam de drama, romance e mistério. Para mais informações, ver os meus comentários.
report Recommended by FlapNips
It's the same story, but in my opinion Higashi no Eden is better. In HnE, the 12 participants have 10 billion ¥ and they can do whatever they want, but that needs to benefit the citizens from Tokyo.
report Recommended by VLADIMIR221B
The plot of both the series revolves around a protagonist who is caught up in a game along with other members, in the name of justice. Also the power that is granted to the characters in both the series is a mobile phone
report Recommended by lyba00
Both involve a game with 12 participants who have a special device with them. In the end, they have to try to be the last man standing using their device.
report Recommended by Synistra-
In both anime most of the characters are dragged in to the game where only one person wins, and others have to die. Both anime are based on interaction with mobile phones and thoes phones have some crazy powers.
report Recommended by UselessSakura
Both series involve multiple competitors participating in a 'game' (and using cellphones). While Future Diary is more based on killing everyone else in order to win, Eden of the East is more on spending money to reshape Japan
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both are forced into a game through apparently specially developed phones. Hints of romance too.
report Recommended by GoHaNViDeLSoN
both animes have similar feel to them, the concept of having a device that can virtually do anything for you and how they can help you win a game that can determine the fate of the world ...at times the mind games can be convoluted which is not necessarily a good or bad thing (i say it depends on the viewer)
report Recommended by Adnan_Nahian