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Huey from Dantalian reminds me of a much older Oz Vessalius, while Dalian definitely reminds me of Alice. Both take place in a European setting, both are fantasy shows.
report Recommended by webkid94
Gothic in feeling, it is about two girls who contain a secret and an ability that can be unlocked, an ability that has a dark side.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Fantasy elements, historical European type settings, pretty dresses. : ) The airs these shows give off are really quite similar.
report Recommended by SaraSlurpsCoffee
Contains gothic elements and both uses unlocking mechanisms to release a partner's power.
report Recommended by Valkenyn
They both have a main girl that fallows the guy and they have an ability they can unlock and the art is kinda similar
report Recommended by xCandyKiss3sx
It's no surprise that any viewer who has seen both series may come to see some similarities between the two especially in terms of the European settings, the similar personalities of the main female protagonists, and the fantasy themes. The female protagonist in both series are indeed bossy and has an unique relationship with the main male protagonist. Yet, they care about each other and works flawlessly when situation crisis calls. Both series' soundtracks also has similar rhythm and are generally a classic for those into fantasy/mystery with supernatural elements.
report Recommended by Stark700
I quite liked this picture because it is based in a bygone era which is not very common, as they usually tend to be based more in the near or distant future, that the "struggles" are made reciting parts of the mythology recorded in different objects, gives the series a cult touch and shows us the violence that we are accustomed. This is my opinion, I hope you agree with me and if not so respect their opinions equally. 8/10 by the fact that it is finished or at least for me.
report Recommended by jonathan13
Mc encounters a girl with a secret power and they decide to team up together. Both girls have been trapped in a place that is not in this world. Same kind of gothic european setting. In both they solve mysteries. Similiar "villians".
report Recommended by lalabella
1 similar MC 2 both are set in Europe 3 Dark and fantasy
report Recommended by Otaku329
Similar main characters, dark story with fantastic elements and both are settled in europe
report Recommended by Pumpkinyaaan