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These are Gothic tales dealing with the tale of a rabbit that brings fear into the minds of the people said rabbit comes across. The time eras are similar too and there is the mystery element.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The artwork and style is very similar.
report Recommended by Zanktus
Mystery. Atmosphere. Curiosity. Feels <3.
report Recommended by mimiFINE
Both anime have European settings, and the main characters (Victorique from Gosick and Alice from Pandora Hearts) have similar characteristics and personalities.
report Recommended by tiki876
the character Alice and Victorique are very similar. i can't really explain, but it'll makes sense when you watched them both.
report Recommended by sadloversgirl
Both have a gothic theme and have similar artwork. Alice and Victorica also have similar pesonality. Both of these animes also have a touch of mystery to it
report Recommended by Rusafa
Even though they have completely different plots they have the same similar sort of feel to them.
report Recommended by MidnightBugs
Both are victorian and have two characters who fall in love and face problems together. The atmosphere is similar.
report Recommended by Parantica
Both of these animes have the main characters as a guy and a girl. Though Pandora Hearts has to do a lot with getting rid of demons from the Abyss, while Gosick only deals with mysteries, they remind me of each other. In each anime, the guy MC has to go find the girl MC and ends up saying their name 20 million times, then yelling it, then saying that they are friends. There is the presence of love in both animes, but it's definitely not the main plot, in fact, it practically brushes the tip of both animes. They seem to have nothing in common   read more
report Recommended by Jupiter05