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Kemono no Souja Erin
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Time skips. But mostly, both universes are very similar (visually as well) - sort of a throwback to communal, village living coupled with co-existence between weird creatures and humans. Special powers/talents as a plot device is heavily touched upon in both.
report Recommended by thismarlasinger
For both series (based off of novels), they take place in a fantasy world where there is magical creatures. Among other themes though, there are characters that progresses through grown and experiences. (with a time skip) The main female character in both series are also mature and has a strong bond with her friends. They also befriend others throughout the series and learns more about the world around them as well as themselves. In essence, they follow a journey of youth & growth from childhood to adolescence. There is also emotions that are spawned from events that are either moody, happy or tragic. Both series also   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Those animes follow the life of a serious heroine. As both grow up, they learn more about the fantastic creatures that are present in their world. For that matter, each anime separates itself in three parts : one for childhood, one for adolescence and one for adulthood. By the end of both series, the story takes a political turn and things get serious. Also, both feature school, war and love, though Shinsekai Yori may be more centered about those aspects than Kemono no Souja Erin. Both have a unique art style and a story that is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Although Shinsekai   read more
report Recommended by PlzAllow
We follow the evolution of psychological behavior of a girl / woman, we learn to see it grow, soufrire, live and love over time. Both works are originals and allows us imertion turns into an adventure and a life lesson.
report Recommended by hoffmann88
Both are thought-provoking, coming-of-age series mainly centered around one female character who are similar characters in a way that they are not physically strong but have a strong personality and clear resolve. Aside from them both being set in a fantasy world, they both have a hint of romance. Both series also contain 'beasts': touda and beast lords in Erin's case and queerats in SSY's case. I highly recommend both series.
report Recommended by hhitagi
We see the heroine grow up in both anime as both anime use time skips. Similar treatment as we discover the world with the naive eyes of a kid, a fantasy world that seems beautiful at a first glance but which hides its" cruelty (Shinsekai Yori however is way darker).
report Recommended by Illyasviel
The main character in both shows is a female who through the course of their childhood and early adult years they learn the harsh truths of the world they live in. The two shows have excellent world building qualities that make the world they live in so tangible. Both of the shows give off the same feel of coming of age in a world where you are expected to do things a certain way. The art styles of the two shows are also unique compared to other shows I've seen. Honestly, these are two of my favorite shows I've ever seen so I definitely recommend   read more
report Recommended by Hamaneko
This has a very similar feel in the sense that there is a mystery going on in the world, but you get to watch the characters develop over many years, and it's not unpleasant at all, it's actually very nice.
report Recommended by Sara_Isayama
with both anime have a main female protagonist; they both time hop to various points in the characters' lives as the story progresses; they both have a slow and subtle build up to the climax and though both anime have some action, they do not rely on it to tell the story; they both entertain a very unique and captivative setting... all in all if you like one you will definatly like the other
report Recommended by armarrowarmy