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Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
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Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
Tokyo Mew Mew
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Tokyo Mew Mew
It's pretty much the same. Romance, Magical Girls and comedy. Tokyo Mew Mew is turning into cats (or other animals) and Mermaid Melody is turning into mermaids. They're REALLY like. I had to think of Tokyo Mew Mew when I was watching Mermaid Melody. Only difference is probably that they're singing in MM.
report Recommended by Hagu
they are both in the genre of mahou shoujo*magical girl* their alike in like a million different ways so if you like mermaid melody:pichi pichi pitch you will like tokyo mew mew ^^
report Recommended by Amaya-Kiro
As in the mermaid legend story there are a group of girls who have power and transform to fight evil. They all have their own specific power or color or position in the group. Also involves a love story between the main character and boyfriend who always is there to help or gets in trouble. The main bad guy and the boyfriend are mysteriously related in some way. The boyfriend has secret powers as well. Saving the world is the whole plot.
report Recommended by anime7addict
Both are typical "girly" animes with the middle school romance thing to it and both of them have the really soft core fighting theme. The animation in both are also pretty similar.
report Recommended by PBnSpots
They are both Magic-girl animes.
report Recommended by Taylorgg12
-Both involve girls changing into there "super" forms and fighting evil. In TokyoMew the girls "super" forms involve whatever animal they can attributes from. In MerMel the "super" forms are mermaids. -Both have LOTS of cheese and a lot if it is found in the attacks and how the evil is defeated -Both of the main girls have love complications but unlike Tokyo Mew Mew the complications in MerMel continue in to the next series Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure(which wasn't that good compared to the first one) luckily the complications are with the same guy, bad/funny/entertaining news: the main girl has to seduce him all   read more
report Recommended by ScarletCat
Similar idea, magic girl, similar characters. Characters in both animes transform (To mermaid in Mermaid Melody, to various animals in Tokyo Mew Mew). Both have the whole hero-villain thing that the younger audience of anime could enjoy for it's not at all bloody... The villains in both animes start off as not too much of a threat, and slowly get more serious. Both animes have characters with some sort of power. Both of the main males in the series.. well, I won't give it away. Just very similar animes.
report Recommended by Unfulfilled
Both are magical girl anime that you probably know if you grew up around 2002-2003. The characters are similar, with a pink main character who is in love with a handsome boy. Both also involve comedy/slice of life, plus dealing with a double-life as a superhero. They are both cute and funny, and very enjoyable!
report Recommended by The39Clues