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Both are really boring in the first part, but get more and more exciting afterwards. Both are really dark as well.
report Recommended by Gladeo
Both animes are hard to follow,in which Steins;Gate exceeds with its amazing story.Although Chaos;Head "talks" about murders the design of its story is really similar to Stein;Gate but the way how its presented(in my opinion) is kinda stupid.

When talking about MCs,they are delusioned in their believes but also really inteligent when it comes to solving the mysteries.
report Recommended by BladesOfTime
While Steins;Gate is definitely the superior anime here, Chaos Head gives the watcher that feeling of confusion and messes with his or her head pretty seriously. One of Steins;Gate's strengths was keeping the watcher out of the loop while its crazy time/space changing events took place, Chaos Head also hits the nail on the head here. A lot like Steins;Gate, Chaos Head can be rather difficult to watch at times with its weaving through dimensions and time. If you are slower with subs, or have not watched a lot of subbed anime I would HIGHLY recommend watching the dub of this anime. The voice actors   read more
report Recommended by peco-sama
These two anime's share a similar resemblance not in plot or story, but in the way occurrences happen mainly on a cellphone or on a computer. And how the main characters needs to solve each piece to the "puzzle" if you will, as they go along and must rely solely on him self. Both main characters feel utterly alone at certain part of the show. There are some more similarities, that are to minor to mention.
report Recommended by TPS-GameMail
What is time? What is the universe? Because all this happens to me? The mere fact of a curiosity, leads our protagonists to a world that seems impossible to believe. Where there are lines of time, space that should not be crossed, that will put at risk their closest beings. He will have to fight his weaknesses, with this constant mental game that makes him look like a madman, desperate to find answers to his intriguers. These series start in a similar way, the death of a person, which turns out to be a vision ?, or can be true ?, it all depends where   read more
report Recommended by OtakuNote87