Kuroshitsuji, Gosick Recommendations

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They both involve solving multiple mysteries in the beginning of the series and end up with a big thrilling finale!
report Recommended by johnisnothisdate
Both shows happen during the same time period. Main characters in both shows solve crimes and mysteries. There are elements of horror in both as well.
report Recommended by BreezeElric
Both are European style; main characters have master-servant relationship.
report Recommended by juliachimisova
Has many similar aspects such as:
- Victorian Time
- Short main characters that solve crimes
- A sidekick (Gosick) / Butler (Kuroshitsuji)
- Beautiful animation
report Recommended by Kurimu-chan
same dark atmosphere and great art in both.
the mystery is very much alike
report Recommended by Neily
Both are mystery animes, with some horror, set in historical Europe. The animation and historical atmosphere are very well done. They star very cunning and calculating children (Ciel, Victorique). Kuro is more of a shoujo, Gosick is more of a shounen.
report Recommended by IceAndCream
Gosick is pretty much Kuroshitsuji for people who want loli tsundere instead of hot butler.
report Recommended by StreetFighter
-Kuroshitsuji and Gosick both was telling about a chaos
-England style
report Recommended by YuiHonma933
Both are in Europe in the past ,
Both deal with solving crimes and mysteries .
report Recommended by randa_elbehery
Kuroshitsuji is set in the Victorian Era and Gosick is set between WWI and WWII, with a few similarities in plots such as a "war that will involve the whole world". Gosick starts off with Victorica solving mysteries and then getting into main plot. Kuroshitsuji is much the same, with Ciel completing various missions for the queen at the start. These two are also used as models or dolls; Victorica as a gothic loli, and Ciel dressed in adorable costumes. They have a loyal black haired companion that would give anything to serve them. These two anime have various dark themes to them, like the   read more
report Recommended by Aeowina
Gosick and Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler are two series that at first glance not too similar but does have quite a lot of similarities such as:

The similar time setting being Victorian.
Similar relationship between the two main protagonists.
Both the main protagonists are stubborn yet an intelligent child with many demands.
Both tells story of the series in a various arcs/sub-plots
Both series has similar artwork.
Both series has a taste of mystery.
Both series has comedy, drama, but also some emotional moments mixed in.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both of these animes have mystery in them and an older setting, both have some comedy as well as tradgedy, and if you love Ciel, you will like Victorique. Kuroshitsuji did not really have much romance (with the exception of Ciel's fiance), but Gosick does.
report Recommended by shouj0panda
Both Gosick and Kuroshitsuji have main characters who help some kind of higher order solve 'unsolvable' mysteries. They also both have main characters who have a helper, in Gosick its a sidekick while in Kuroshitsuji is a butler. Gosick and Kuroshitsuji both are set around the same time period and have that same kind of vibe of something forever dark but somehow funny at the same time. While Gosick has more Romance in it Both are types of anime that will scare you almost half to death but keep you captivated while you are watching blood spill, even if your not the type to like   read more
report Recommended by AnimePikaRumple
Both series are set in a European style and older timeline which classifies to the genre historical and mystery since the two series also involves several mysteries to be solved. Both main heroines are served and by main guy. In Gosick, Victorique was highly respected and served by Kazuya Kujou but not directly as a butler while in Kuroshitsuji, Ciel was served by Sebastian as a butler.
report Recommended by naruse_
They are alike, because...
-both involve a shortie being the detective
-they have a victorian style
-both involve the mystery of the MC's parent(s)
-both take place in Europe
-also the MC from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) and the Heroin from Gosick are similar

Ciel and Victorique are very similar, because...
-they have someone who acts like a servant/protecter to them (a Butler, and a Japanese boy)
-they have a bad past
-they are harsh
-they love sweets
-both have some sort of power
report Recommended by Spendal
When I started watching Gosick it reminded me of Black Butler. Both shows are about two characters that solve mysteries.
report Recommended by zumoku1137
Kuroshitsuji and Gosick are quite different, but both are placed in a similar time era and both have main characters who try to solve mysteries. Kuroshitsuji is more dark, while Gosick is more romantic.
report Recommended by Parantica
These two series are in the "mystery" side, while Gosick is more of a detective serie more than a "dark theme mystery" like Kuroshitsuji, they both are nice to watch and enjoyable until the last episode.
report Recommended by Errour
Both of the stories contain mystery, action, drama and comedy and a bittersweet relationship between the two main characters.
report Recommended by Chibi_Uchuujin