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Both animes have similar dymanics in the relations between main characters: an older, stronger servant who protects a weaker, younger master. Also, the topic of hell/Abyss that threatens one of the characters is kind of similar. Both animes are very nice in the visual aspect, dramatic but with some humor to lighten the mood.
report Recommended by Juxian
Both include someone who made a contract with someone else in order to save themselves. Also, both have a similar dark Gothic theme and have characters from rich families.
report Recommended by Hanyuu33
Both are about Brittish kids. Action in the same time, animation is very similar, kids of the same father (the same studio)
report Recommended by -Karma-
both have a gothic feeling to them, and the main characters are 'cursed'
report Recommended by Sartre
Both take place in the 1800's Both have lots of master-servant relationships There are quite a few similar characters Both have awkward endings
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
Rich boy and his faithful butler in city like 19th century London, mysterious contract and of course a lot of Bishonens^^
report Recommended by MilkShake
Both of these series have similar protagonists. Ciel and Oz are wealthy children from prestigious families living in historical London, and they both have a close relationship with their servants. Both boys have entered into a contract with an otherworldly creature and both their servants (Sebastian and Gilbert) have dark and mysterious personalities, and even look a little similar. Both stories could be considered dark, but they're both lightened with a little humor and eccentric characters. Also in both series Dolls are used as a symbol for madness and some characters are not as they appear. Also, and this is something I feel I have to   read more
report Recommended by Xephia
Anime similar to the atmosphere, appearance and nature of the characters and action takes place in one period.
report Recommended by Shizulenta
They both have a dark plot. Super-natural setting. As in Sebastian and B-Rabbit or Raven (Gil). The main character (Ceil and Oz) are both rich, and somewhat snoby / brats. But they are different in both animes , Oz is more happy compared to Ceil. Pandora Hearts has more comic relief in it compared to Kuroshitsuji. Both have amazing music to compliment the scene in the animes. Both are emotional too. So be sure to have a tissue box at hand! ;)
report Recommended by ELLIEphants
Dark atmosphere is present from both series. The art and animation were really good. Also, both protagonists have a master-servant relationship and came from rich families.
report Recommended by localareanetwork
Both anime have a mix of comedy and the supernatural, with quite a few action scenes too.
report Recommended by MiraelWhite
This is probably the best reccomendation to anyone who loves Kuroshitsuji. They have the same close relationships between the characters and each character has their own mysterious past and story to tell. Oz is somewhat like the optimistic version of Ceil. There is a lot that will keep you guessing and the music and art work are brilliant in both. If you like one I can promise you'll like the other. Where Pandora Hearts is a little more light-hearted it still has an ominous feel to it and like Kuroshitsuji it keeps you guessing who the bad guys really are.
report Recommended by shinigamiallie
Kuroshitsuji is mainly about the young Phantomhive master whom has a butler named Sebastian Michaelis.... One "hell" of a butler. The young master takes on a series of cases for the queen, and in the process becomes aware of a certain group with questionable intent. Pandora Hearts revolves around a young duke who has just come of age. After being sentenced to the prison known as abyss, he makes a contract with a being known as a "chain" in order to escape. If you're into demonic contracts, shinigami, and those darkened themes... you're sure to love both of these amazing works.
report Recommended by andaplagueofnyx
The main character has a demon to whom he makes a pact with and the plot of the anime takes place in the same age.
report Recommended by Saturjay
Similar setting: rich, somewhat arrogant noble kids, older (and hotter) servants, Gothic styles. Both try to present a fantasy world that resembles a historical European setting to various degrees, but with the critical aspect of the story based on a supernatural twist. In Kuroshitsuji, it is the concept of demons and angels. In Pandora Hearts, it is the "Abyss," a dimension where time is warped. Both protagonists have been bestowed with a sort of life-binding curse that they view as a punishment, yet ironically neither seem to value their lives very much. Kuroshitsuji is much darker in tone than Pandora Hearts, however. It is quite heavily   read more
report Recommended by Charry
the main characters made a contract towards a demon (Kuroshitsuji) and a chain (pandora hearts).....
report Recommended by hibaricloud
it has the same sort of feel to it. i was going to watch kuroshitsuji but then went on pandora hearts, thats how confussed i got between the two animes XD
report Recommended by 13sweetcandy
Mystery series with a 19th century setting. Main characters are caught in a situation where they have no other choice but to make a contract with a supernatural being. They also have a certain goal to fulfill in their lives.
report Recommended by Liinah
They both have that gothic/dark feel to them. While watching Kuroshitsuji I felt as if i was watching Pandora Hearts. Though the characters are some what the same. The Master are both kids ,but very mature for their ages, are completely different. The Servant are dark and have powers. But they both have some comedy in them that make you laugh. Other then that they both are freaking amazing/awesome/epic.
report Recommended by mioni4
They both have a similar feel, with a dark and complex plot centered around a parentless rich boy with a past. In both shows the side-kick is also dark and mysterious.
report Recommended by indi135
Besides the time period being the same, and the fact that both anime's have a contract between a master (Ciel/Oz) and a servent (Sebastian/Alice), a lot of the characters reminded me of ones from the other anime. Ex. The Undertaker seemed a lot like Break with long hair
report Recommended by FairyGirl
Both main characters are around the same age as well as having similar family situations, both of them having no father, though Oz from Pandora Hearts is a little more cheerful than Ciel from Kuroshitsuji. Also, both have a dark fantasy atmosphere, though Pandora Hearts isn't as dark as Kuroshitsuji.
report Recommended by Therandomcello
The style and some characters is very similar to Kuroshitsuji. Many of the voices are the same too, Undertaker-Liam, Sebastian-Jack Vessalius. Grell Sutcliff-Vincent Nightray.
report Recommended by Hothooves
Kuroshitsuji and Pandora Hearts don't really look like each other in story, but there's the same atmosphere and I really liked both. Also the master-servant relation from Kuroshitsuji is like Gilbert and Oz in Pandora Hearts. Both have a dark story with comedic parts in it.
report Recommended by annemarie95
Both are produced by Square Enix and have a fantasy plot with the same type of humor and moderate violence.
report Recommended by Erucia
There' s something in the relationship between Oz and Gil that remind me Sebastian and Ciel... And Yeah, I love sebastian and gilbert XP
report Recommended by ChocoLate666
somehow, when i watch both of these anime, i feel it's similar. although the story is different, but both of it are very good anime. :) for kuroshitsuji, the anime is acceptable and nice, but for pandora hearts, i recommend to read the manga, because the story is much better. both of these anime has very unique story line. :) if you love the anime, i recommend to read the manga. :D
report Recommended by asanoazusa
Probably been recommended already but I think it's worth mentioning again - both contain an older servant protecting a younger master - similar characters such as break (pandora hearts) and the undertaker (kuroshitsuji) and the relationship between sebastian/ciel is similar to oz/gilbert - they both have a supernatural theme which can be dark (more so in kuroshitsuji) but also have occasionally humor (more evident in pandora hearts) - both are very entertaining animes so I reckon if you liked one of them give the other a try ^__^
report Recommended by sukidarou
These two anime take place in the Victorian Era and both follow the story of a young boy. Both Ciel (Kuroshitsuji) and Oz (Pandora Hearts) have been to hell and back and both seal a contract with a demon, whom from that moment on is (almost) always with them. While both plots may seem quite simple at first, there'll be a few twists to the story that will make it way more intriguing. In short: two action, supernatural and from time to time comical anime that are definitely worth watching!
report Recommended by Mangetsu-san
They both have to deal with a young boy making a contract with someone and they are both set in the Victorian Era
report Recommended by PIERROT-SAN
They both have some similar characters. In Kuroshitsuji, humans make contracts with demons, and in Pandora Hearts, they make contracts with chains. They have similar ambiance. They both talk about master and servant relationships.
report Recommended by Jchibi28
both protagonists are young with a tragic past and are from a royal family. they both have handsome older servants with black hair (very important ;D). they both have a contract with a demon (in BB) and a chain (in PH). both the animes have a mysterious vibe around them. If you liked one of them you will like the other. :)
report Recommended by parvanubis
-Both have small masters who have servants (butler/chains) with supernatural powers. -Both are filled with action and comedy and gore. -Another thing they have in common is both main characters are left with no parents. -Also both series are in old British
report Recommended by Centipede143
It is set around the same time period and is about a young boy who is very rich. The mystery and creepiness is there and some characters are similar too :)
report Recommended by bethheichou
Both are located in the Victorian era and have a dark atmosphere. Both are about a noble family who lives in a mansion. The relationship of Sebastian and Ciel is very similar to the relation of Oz and Gilbert. Both have supernatural elements.
report Recommended by Parantica
Both have a Young Master as the main character and a servant. Kuroshitsuji is set more in the real world while Pandora Hearts is more of fantasy. Lots of similar characters.
report Recommended by PandoraFreak101
Set in historical Europe. Mc is from a wealthy/influential family. Mc makes a contract with a demon like being. Both mc has an older servant. Both involves solving mysteries and has a dark feeling to them, people get murdered, possesed and so on. Both kind of critizes society. Both have equally interesting and somewhat crazy characters, many with dark pasts.
report Recommended by lalabella
In both anime there is one character who protects his younger master.
report Recommended by Akame9628
Pandora Hearts looks like it takes place around the same time as Kuroshitsuji. It's humour is also very similar and it's fantasy, so, yeah. Kuroshitsuji is a bit darker than Pandora Hearts. It's light hearted and fun but it can bounce to some serious and dark moments as well. I personally prefer Pandora Hearts over Kuroshitsuji.
report Recommended by Evtsynen
In both series you can see a lot of European landscapes and architecture of the past centuries. Quite similar concept for a contract with a demon or a "chain". In Kuroshitsuji you will see a lot of awesome Sebastian and in Pandora Hearts you will see a lot of relations to Alice in Wonderland.
report Recommended by highfeel
Pandora Hearts is quite old, it was aired in 2009 (I think). But it's still one of my favourites, and it has a similar feeling with Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). The characters of Pandora Hearts are amazing as well as the characters in Kuroshitusji. Both of the main leads are kinda royal(?) but the storyline is quite different. If you like Kuroshitsuji, you should try Pandora Hearts!!!!! Pandora Hearts has the manga version as well, just like Kuroshitsuji. Have fun watching Anime^^
report Recommended by toukakaneki13
It is sort of like butler and master. There are some supernatural conflicts and tragedies, and also a similar way of contracting.
report Recommended by Leraelia
tha dark atmosphere of the series. both kid protagonist has someone who protects them. their life is on the line. both protagonist is a contractor (demon/chain).
report Recommended by mashiro_yuuki
The main character is in nobility and is supported by someone not human. The setting of both animes are very similar. From episode to episode, the characters are solving mysteries, wheither it be short term or the overall plot. Both are very entertaining to watch.
report Recommended by Butterstroke
If you like to watch series like Pandora Hearts, GOSICK, and other supranatural-mystery anime, you would eventually like this!
report Recommended by afuru_
Kuroshitsuji and Pandora hearts are very alike. -Both main characters are young. -Both main characters are in a contract. -Both main character's have a servant. Pandora hearts take's you on a journey full of mystery, sadness and relationships. You will see Oz and Gil's relationship grow as Master and Servant and you will see Alice and Oz's relationship grow as Contractor and Master. Ciel Phantomhive is trying to find his parent's killers while Oz is trying to find Alice's memories. Dubbed: No. I recommend you watch this if you want to watch something like Kuroshitsuji..
report Recommended by xMeow-Meowx
Gives the same vibes. With a arrogant, bratty noble kids with older and hotter loyal servant. Same servant-master relationship (Oz/Gilbert and Ciel/Sebastian) With dark themes and contracts.
report Recommended by SnapMyBerry
Demon or Chain, both anime have the main character to be bound with a contract with demon(Kuroshitsuji) and a Chain (in Pandora Heart). Both main character have similar dark past that always haunt them and both main character's partner always show loyalties with the MC. The story is really interesting and accompanied buy a little bit comedy between characters.
report Recommended by WinXF
Both shows the Victorian era, and similar dressing style. The tone is the same which has a dark atmosphere, characters are both very likable, and you can enjoy the good plot.
report Recommended by qwpengu
These anime combines a mysterious atmosphere, and their action takes place in the past and not in Japan. So we can see quite the original clothing of the heroes and the background of the action. In both main characters are young panics who contract with someone. Both series also contain comedic elements.
report Recommended by MrsPhantomhive01