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Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Both are philosophical episodic shows surrounding events of travel through different areas. Each with their own story, Kino and Girls Last Tour resonate in a way. One is post-apocalyptic and another is through stories of different countries. However, both are able to give off a lesson on life through deep conversations and vivid imagery.
report Recommended by Azukano
Both are quiet and atmospheric shows which are episodic in nature and feature a young female character (two young female characters in the case of Girls' Last Tour) traveling to different places. They also share a dark and unsettling tone, a slow pace and feature philosophical ruminations.
report Recommended by ParaParaKachak
Slices of life in an abnormal setting. You'll appreciate the world-building of both. More atmospheric than plot driven.
report Recommended by -Krouton-
They air the same season.(the sequel does) They have similar climat. They're both about cute girls(and motorrad/kettenkrad) and their banter. They're both mono aware to some extent. They're both in an untypical setting. (post apocalyptic one in SSR, and kino one in kino) They seem cute but are 'dark and deep'(at least to some people). They have interesting world building (layers/countries). They both can be very depressing at times.
report Recommended by Shentorianus
There are a lot of people comparing "Girls world tour" to "Made in Abyss". Tbh I couldn't disagree more. "Girls world tour" might contain happy, positive characters who are surrounded in a dark, tense world, but thats as far as the comparison goes. I personally feel it is far more related to a show like Kinos beautiful world. A pretty young girl with a dark past, numbing her to emotion and forcing her to be cold to the people she comes across while she explores her world. Kino tries to avoid effecting the countries she visits. Prefering to just watch and examine, helping those who directly   read more
report Recommended by Jordanious77
They are similar in a way that it feels like Girls last tour is heavely influenced by Kino no Tabi. Both are great shows about girls with abnormal pasts go on a journey to discover their worlds while seeking answers. Kino no Tabi tends to be more tragic and philosophical than Girls last tour and the latter feels more carefree with some heartwarming moments.
report Recommended by destijl
Both are quiet yet unsettling series that take place in alternate worlds that represent both the worst and (occasionally) the better things about humanity. Both shows are about travel through landscapes and situations that are distressing but also fascinating.
report Recommended by delta5
Both shows feature two main characters wandering around -In case of Kino traveling and visiting various cities with distinct cultures. -In case of GLT surviving in the empty world after most of humanity's vanished. Both shows have a very dense atmosphere (GLT being more Iyashikei-y) Both shows have something to say. -In case of Kino, individual episodes often present what is author's views on human nature -In case of GLT, the main characters discuss topics ranging from edibility of various things to, fe, what "god" means, but in overall cute manner. Kino is overall way darker, while GLT mostly just feels good despite the apocalypse thing.
report Recommended by DurangaVoe
Even though the circumstances of the journeys portrayed or the setting of both of these shows are different, you can't help but feel relaxed while watching them.
report Recommended by Flavio2016
Both animes share many similarities with each other. Both are episodic, thought-provoking, and have dual protagonists who travel. They can also both get very philosophical, which gives the same overall feel.
report Recommended by Xerxes126