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The atmosphere, the background music, and more!
report Recommended by gioss
Very mundane slice of life series. If you are looking for relaxing and soothing atmosphere with genuinely innocent characters, these are the series for you. Heartwarming storytelling and scenic premise are both strong points of the series. Whether in Aqua or Paris, the daily discoveries of the characters and the magical relationships that they build are key to making these type of series enjoyable. Perfect after a long day of work and before sleep.
report Recommended by wakka9ca
While neither are plot driven anime, both Aria and Croisee focus on aspects of life that we don't often take into consideration, giving a "magical" feeling about exploring the respective cities that they live in.
report Recommended by HalRyder
Both slice of life, following a girl, telling a story picturing a wonderful place dear to them
report Recommended by togeyanagi
Extremely similar, both are very relaxing and have very cute characters.
report Recommended by ariamachi
Ikoku Meiro no Croisée and Aria the Animation shares an atmosphere that is not only similar but also brings a pleasant experience with its serene atmosphere. The characters are defined with innocence. The atmosphere is naturalistic. The slice of life experience is well presented that will make viewers feel as if they were there. Discoveries formulates the progressive movement of both series' story while maintaining a balance of its themes all the way through to paint memories you won't forget.
report Recommended by Stark700
Aria the Animation & Ikoku Meiro no Croisee share a similar atmospheric feel that is fervently heartwarming and are pinnacle representations of innocence personified. Aria cools with its bright oceanic colours placed in an another-worldly representation of Venice, whilst Ikoku Meiro no Croisee spoils its viewer to a wonderfully subdued and layed back environment of royal early 19th century France. Both series build a haven of warmth that is comforting and beautiful to experience.
report Recommended by Jodyqt
Both have an emphasis on gorgeous visuals soothing soundtrack and a warm calming atmosphere, They also take place in an unfamiliar place to the main character. The two share the same sub genre of slice of life and both are equally enjoyable, if you like Aria odds are you'll enjoy this too.
report Recommended by Kuon_