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Aria The Animation
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Aria and Sketchbook share the slice of life genre. The pace of these two is incredibly slow and they are both very good, especially after a tiring day at work. I also noticed that cats play quite a big role in both of these. Even the company who animated these two is the same. The only major difference between these two would be the sci-fi found in Aria.
report Recommended by Andu
Both anime are set in a slow moving life, and give a different perspective about the life from what are generally used too.
report Recommended by abhin4v
Both are slice of life anime with a very laid back and relaxing feeling and any Makino Yui fans should definitely check these out, she sings the OP in every Aria season and she sings the ED in Sketchbook.
report Recommended by shadowraze
Sketchbook ~full color'S~ was animated by the same company (Hal Film Maker) and shares several of the major creative staff, although the original mangaka are different. There's even a blatant, very hard to miss President Aria reference in the first episode. Aside from that, though, both shows are similar styles of slice-of-life (iyashi-kei, to be precice), with Sketchbook slightly more comedic than Aria, and Aria slightly more sentimental than Sketchbook.
report Recommended by OGT
Firstly, both have the same creator as can be seen on the last episode of sketchbook. Both have a slow moving paste and is relaxing too watch, not too mention the overdose of cats on boths shows. The main character also is a little dense in both sides and lastly, they are both excellent Slice of Lifes.
report Recommended by xKana
The are both created by the same animation company and producers. ARIA is like Sketchbook in Venice, with gondolas and beautiful back-drops.
report Recommended by Shinmeiryuu
Awesome, slow-paced slice of life anime with a lot of nice jokes. Needless to say they both are favourites of mine.
report Recommended by Zannafar
Very similar in atmosphere. Must-see for the fans of either.
report Recommended by IDex
Slow-paced and relaxing slice-of-life anime about girls who enjoy life for its simple things. Also cats, lots of cats.
report Recommended by justice0
Both have a calm, relaxing atmosphere. The only difference is the setting.
report Recommended by chaosflame5
These shows are extremely relaxing, with mostly ordinary adventures of their female protagonists. The protagonists are gentle although Sketchbook's protagonist is more shy.
report Recommended by opasnimiki