Karin, Vampire Knight Recommendations

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Vampire Knight
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Vampire Knight
Seeing how these animes are both contain vampire, the theme of the animes is to break down the wall between humans and vampires. Both animes also involves school life and daily activities. There is some comedy and love interest involved in both animes so if you like Karin, you will like Vampire Knight...
report Recommended by y0l3itches
Not quite the same but it also involves human vampire love. Karin is more comedy oriented.
report Recommended by az_0k
Vampires are alive and thriving, even tho normal humans dont know it. What they also dont know is that not all Vampires are evil, some go way beyond that, and some are really funny ^^ Vampires, friends or foe? decide for yourself while watching this!
report Recommended by XxAllen-KunxX
They both involve vampires and blood, (But not in a violent and gorey way.) Also there is love between the main characters. =]
report Recommended by Bou
both animes are revolved around vampires with the female leads falling in love with someone they 'arn't suppose to'. although the seriousness of the animes are completely different (with Karin being more carefree and light & Vampire Knight being more serious) they are both very good animes!
report Recommended by Rainy_008
Both have to do with vampires. Also they both have there share of action, romance, comedy , and basic good storyline. They are two very good anime!
report Recommended by SassyMarmot
if you like the Vampire genre, you might as well try Karin. Karin has the Vampire genre with romance just like Vampire Knight. Vampire Knight has a serious atmosphere while Karin is a love-comedy show.
report Recommended by Yukari_Hiwada
Vampire stories with Romancee ~ Vampires and Humans are trying to get along with each other. Human and Vampire fall in love. Kind of the same setting; mostly takes place in a school. Karin is trying to become a real vampire, while Yuuki becomes a pure blood vampire.
report Recommended by LenDrizzle
They are both romance anime involving vampires. However, Karin is more of a light-hearted romantic comedy while Vampire Knight is dark and serious. Both involve the hope that humans and vampires will one day be able to co-exist peacefully.
report Recommended by _Unused_Account_
Both Series Have A Girl Character Who Wants To Live In A World Where Vampires And Humans Can Exist. They also Both Have Secrets. Both Main Characters, (Yuuki From Vampire Knight, And Karin From Karin) Have Similar Traits In Their Personality.
report Recommended by VampireXxBrianna