Karin, Rosario to Vampire Recommendations

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Rosario to Vampire
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Rosario to Vampire
Both have Vampire female leads, and both female leads are not what they appear to be at first. They are also both rather humorous and set around schools. R+V is more of a harem compared with Karin being more about Karin's journey through her oddity and finding love and acceptance.
report Recommended by GeneralCox
To me, the obvious recomendation is the anime KARIN, also about a high school boy and a vampire girl. While KARIN for the most part lacks the "fighting" elements of ROSARIO+VAMPIRE, the romantic comedy elements of a supernatural "odd-couple" remain.
report Recommended by mdauben
Both of the main character is a vampire and the boy in both story are human and got stuck with the main character.
report Recommended by Mai_ka
These stories tell how boys somehow got involved in vampires, the main characters. Karin is a reverse vampire though giving blood instead of taking. Rosario has more fighting scenes and more like harem.
report Recommended by Lang
both have a vampire girl that needs to suck blood from the guy protag. of course the guy is a regular dude, but he gets pulled into the whole vampire zone (though in RV it also includes other demons)
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Both have the main characters being a vampires that also go to school...The vampires also are supposed to hide that fact that they are vampires.
report Recommended by BurningChaos
Both of the main character is a vampire and the boy in both story are human and got stuck with the main character.
report Recommended by mursalevo
Both have vampires, love rivals, and are both but together with a large amount of care. Two of my favorite shows ever! Both also have a large variety of different interesting characters.
report Recommended by ALegendsTale
Both anime follow the daily life of normal boys who suddenly fall in love with a girl that happens to be a vampire. Comedy ensured when they become friends. The only difference in Rosario to Vampire is that there is more of a harem. I recommend this to everyone who's searching for some comedy/action to kill time.
report Recommended by flat_is_justice
Both have a female lead characters whom are quite dense. Both these rom/coms have a school setting where the main characters (Tsukune/Karin) are trying to hide the fact about their identities while trying to lead a 'normal' life. Both are hilarious and are worth a watch if you are a fan of rom/coms. Rosario though does have more fighting scenes and has a harem while Karin is mainly focused around Karin and her secret (reverse vampire) and realisation of love for Kenta.
report Recommended by almostacrayon
So if you're searching for an anime wich includes vampires and romance, this is just what you're looking for, and this is because if even both of the series share some factors in common they also have inversed roles, a totally fresh story that talks about how a vampire family and her sons live in a world of humans, the totally opposite of rosario to vampire, but this change makes some of the scenes on the show very similar to the ones in rosario to vampire but with inverse roles. I hope you give it a chance if this sounds interesting to you.
report Recommended by Mushi4