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It wouldn't be surprising to see 'Strike the Blood' popped up in people's minds if they had previously seen 'Toaru Majutsu no Index'. In terms of superiority, 'Toaru Majutsu no Index' is the master while 'Strike the Blood' is the apprentice in a world filled with various supernatural beings. Both these series demonstrate that with teamwork and perseverance, battles can be won by either single-handedly overpowering your opponents or having support beside you in the most dire of situations. 'Toaru Majutsu no Index' draws upon different perceptions from various characters not to mention multiple main ones who could form a connection with the viewers with only   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
-annoying girl bothers the MC constantly and berates him when he's in contact with other girls -futuristic fantasy setting -every other girl is more interesting the MC girl -magic and technology meet -MC has lots of bad luck(?) -visually they looked the same or are very similar -if all else fails, wait for the MC to get "personally" angry though Index>Strike the Blood
report Recommended by supermegasonic
The worlds presented in both anime feel very similar, both dealing with magic and the supernatural with a government influence. The protagonists have the same attitude towards the issues they are presented with.
report Recommended by YuriInLuck
The settings take place on an island/in a city built by a mysterious man for a certain purpose. The main protagonists were originally normal people before the start of the series until they got mixed up with matters involving magic and science. Each hero possesses a unique ability that allows them to defeat enemies from the Church. Both also have a female sidekick belonging to a certain magical organization. The protagonists both have a male classmate that seems to know more than they actually tell and that also belongs to a magic faction. The heroes end fights with a side punch to the jawbones of   read more
report Recommended by -Karoshi-
The setting takes place inside a futuristic city where magic and science powers coexist. The male leads have a large female harem, probably because of the male leads' habit of always helping damsels in distress, with no regard to their own lives. Both male leads' signature finishing move is to punch their opponents in an exaggerated manner.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
The protagonist of SUTORAIKU ZA BURADDO, Vampire Accelerator Touma, appears to be just a simple-minded high school Touma who spends his days Toumaing around in not-Academy City, a high-tech city where science and magic blah blah, etc. But in reality, he is the strongest Touma of them all with the power to vampire both science and magic with his right Touma. Accompanying Vampire Accelerator Touma as he white-knights kute girls and fights quirky villains is A Certain Magical Mikasa, his tsundere kouhai with electricity-based powers who constantly attaches herself to him, wanted or not. Vampire Accelerator Touma just wants to finish his summer homework and   read more
report Recommended by yuridice
Similar feel with a fight of demons, religions, and angels. Both have very great action and comedy scenes. Hopefully strike the blood will get as much content as raildex has.
report Recommended by nygles
-Both series involves science and magic, and both take place in an especific city (Academy City/Itogami City). The difference is that Academy City is a science city and Itogami is a magical city. -Both series involves an average main character (Touma/Akatsuki) with an strange power that often gives him problems. Both characters are better known by their nicknames (Imagine Breaker/Fourth Progenitor). -Both series involves a heroine (Index/Himeragi) affiliated to a secret magical organization (Necessarius/Lion King). Also both series involves a very skilled tsundere girl (Misaka/Himeragi) who is in love with the main character.
report Recommended by krsp
Both involve magic Both have supernatural powers Strike the blood focuses on the vampire side whislt Index focuses on the human side - Plot lines are excellent - Ratings are 9+ You won't regret it
report Recommended by akira-t-wang
Strike the Blood is Index with vampires and titties.
report Recommended by moonlapseroads
Action takes place in a technologically advanced city, where supernatural abilities are commonplace. The protagonist is a high school student, who despite having an incredible power tries to lead a normal life. The plot consists of many encounters with various magical or Church-related wrongdoers and unraveling mysteries of the city. Wide cast of characters contains both magic users and regular humans. In Strike the Blood supporting characters have more screen time than in Index, where the cast varies between story arcs.
report Recommended by Alex2422
Both shows have magic elements and opposing organizations creating conflict. Both MCs wish to have a normal life until it is drastically changed after obtaining power. If you like Strike the Blood you will like Toaru Mjutsu no Index and vice versa because of the similar elements that both shows follow, yet different plots that keep both of them unique and constantly on your toes.
report Recommended by Phantomizers