Mushishi, Saraiya Goyou Recommendations

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Saraiya Goyou
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Saraiya Goyou
slow moving, calm pace, presentation that is strongly supported by an excellent music score and a unique animation style, story has a mysterious feel to it and it all falls together slowly piece by piece. Mushishi is episodic and more plot/world focused, and Saraiya Goyou is more character centric.
report Recommended by eyerok
Slow pacing, inner warmth, similar time-period and art. Both are stories able to put a smile on your face as they end, there's something sweet about them.
report Recommended by Tshuki
There is a relaxed feel to both anime. Good for a rainy day when the pace will not bore you to death. At times it can seem a bit dark and sad, but at the same time, it's light hearted and doesn't sadden you too much. You'll enjoy one if you like the other, when you're in the right kind of mood to watch it ;)
report Recommended by mangos
Both have peaceful atmospheric episodes. Gives you the same feel as the other.
report Recommended by Deer50
There's a similar sense of feeling and backgrounds in both series. Mushishi and Saraiya Goyou (House of the Five Leaves) both has a slow pacing with a elegant mood to them. Both series follows a more episodic path rather than arcs/linear story. Both series' main male protagonist has great development and interactions with other characters and also bears some similar physical features. The coloring in both series is also natural and again has that elegance to them. Both series presents a mature way of nature.
report Recommended by Stark700
Mushishi and Saraiya Goyou are slow-moving dramas that touch more on the day to day sentiments of diverse people, rather than the power-levels of a prepubescent teen attempting to save the world. The same soothing and heartwarming atmosphere can be found in both, as well as the attention to detail in the art that makes the viewing experience such a joy.
report Recommended by Atrithau