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Aria The Animation
Both animes are focused around people and their lives, with no emphasis on action or drama. This makes both series very relaxing to watch, and makes you feel something like an inner peace.
report Recommended by Kurai
They're completely different genres, but they are both episodic anime which has a mysterious calming feel. mushishi is more supernatural and deep with more drama, and aria is much more relaxed, however they have the same kind of strange indescribable feeling to it.
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
Mushi-shi is an episodic series largely carried by its masterful creation of atmosphere, leading viewers to be absolutely engrossed and immersed upon watching every individual episode, leaving them with a sense of awe and wonderment thereafter; the same applies upon watching ARIA. The intense and engaging characteristics that both series possess naturally hack into your biological reward system, yet perhaps paradoxically, all episodes are rather mellow and serene, not flashy, bold, and exciting. However, Mushi-shi has a largely pensive overtone in contrast to ARIA's largely sweet and charming overtone. Each standalone episode in both series are rich with thematic Aesops, philosophical/metaphorical/existential insights, and/or absolutely gripping   read more
report Recommended by TheOtherJN
For lack of a better description, both series are essentially about nothing, and yet you enjoy them anyways. They both contain a soothing pace, a beautiful and creative world, and are just plain relaxing to soak in. Slice of life at its best. And yes, I agree with the previous recommendation that scenery candy is delicious!
report Recommended by -PixieDust-
They are both episodic anime which has a mysterious calming feel. Both show alot of scenery and the world around them. The music is calming in both.
report Recommended by Deer50
Calm, peaceful, and quite relaxing. The stories are also told in a similar episodic format.
report Recommended by Criserian
Both are calm episodic stories that follow the main character(s) within their daily lives. Aria has a more over-arching plot over the span of each of the series however.
report Recommended by Lathat
I immediately thought of Mushishi while watching Aria. Both shows create a very relaxing fantasy world about characters with a passion for their occupations. The settings of the shows are further enhanced by amazing soundtracks. Aria and Mushishi are two of the best shows you can watch to lighten up a rainy day.
report Recommended by chillinpenguin17
Although these aren't similar in many ways there is one thing both of these shows do extremely well and it is: serene atmosphere. In other words both of these shows are extremely relaxing. Mushishi is slightly more "sinister" in some episodes while Aria is mostly just optimistic and enjoyable ride.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
Both anime has a very calming quality. They are a good watch when you want to just sit back and relax.
report Recommended by Niveen_Sleem
Meditation, spiritualism, softness, kindness. An stressful life can be difficult to handle: but these two titles offer a compelling way to just sit back and relax. Not too complex nor mindless, simply a watch that ensures you a satysfing moment and leaves you with a void after it ends. If one can acquire addiction to something: Aria and Mushi-Shi are the healthiest ones. Differences, though, are that Aria leans towards a far more "sunshine", moé Sci-Fi setting with an optimistc message; while Mushi-Shi is about metaphorical lessons of life, not afraid of being a bit tough when it needs to.
report Recommended by OrthrosShrine