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The main characters spend a great deal of time travelling from place to place, dealing with the supernatural. In Dororo, "dealing with" means slaughtering, in Mushishi it means coming to an understanding, usually through experience and knowledge of the world. They both feature very distinct color design when it comes to the worlds themselves. While the actions and motivations of the main characters might be polar opposites, their intentional and focused attitude is very similar. Mushishi is much more focused on understanding the supernatural, Dororo is more focused on battling it (for spoiler reasons), but I can't help but compare the journeys in both.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both protagonist are foreigners with unique vision who help the locals get rid of creatures. The era and the setting are also really similar. This series is like a darker and not so episodic version of Mushishi.
report Recommended by reshisama
Very similar atmosphere and artstyle. The atmosphere in both of these are an explainable feeling, melancholic and old maybe? The setting is also very similar and deals with encountering and dealing with otherworldly things. Mushishi is more episodic however
report Recommended by KSHProd
(Spoil Free) Old and mythical Japanese settings, Both protagonists are similar in many ways, Both have calming atmospheric moments here and there, overall Dororo really reminded me of Mushishi.
report Recommended by FarKiD
Both series have a comparable mysterious ambience to them, and kind of give off a similar vibe - especially with their somber art styles. Although they don't have the same plot, Dororo almost feels like a more action-packed Mushishi to me, dealing with strange 'out of this world' creatures. They also take place close to the same time period in Japan - Dororo being during the Sengoku period, and Mushishi between the Edo and Meiji periods.
report Recommended by Zadoskey
While contrasting in overall tone, both shows more or less follow similar episodic formats which involve the traveling MC dealing with a problem that is occurring within a group, usually due to the supernatural
report Recommended by Short_Circut
-similar animation and a similar mood; quiet, suspenseful, mysterious, adventurous, and dark -has a certain "spiritual" feel to it like Mushishi when it comes to the story and characters which brings in a good amount of emotion -set in an older time of Japan; Sengoku period whereas Mushishi was around the Edo period -both main characters set out to deal with supernatural entities -man vs nature (sort of)
report Recommended by xMirei14
Both are episodic series about a man traveling in historical Japan. Though Dororo is a battle Shounen about man slaying demons and Mushishi is about a man learning about creatures called "Mushi" they really give me same vibe especially with their artstyle.
report Recommended by Espi_
They are both historical anime set in about the similar period (dororo is sengoku period whereas mushishi was around the edo period) with Japanese mythology as an underlying theme. "Both shows hold similar themes of overcoming/accepting ones painful past in order to move forward in life". The main characters have fairly similar dynamics in both shows. Both deal with youkai/demons/monster/spirits.. They are episodic and it's fine. Nevertheless, these two anime will give you a heartwarming feeling and even cry.
report Recommended by geovannyboss
Calm and silent main characters traversing a dark fantasy world with unique monsters and beasts. Soothing and harmonious sound-design. Exceptional events with slow and cool story telling. Edge-of-your-seat moments with fascinating climaxes. This is probably the best way to summarize these amazing and extraordinary anime.
report Recommended by AkiraNadir