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Serial Experiments Lain
Ghost in the Shell and Lain are essentially a parent work and its child, and they complement each other extremely well. It's very visible that Lain was thematically heavily inspired by Ghost in the Shell, and it certainly does an excellent job on expanding upon the basic ideas and concepts. Much longer running time than GITS allowed Lain to explore the implications of a connected and computerised world to a much further degree than GITS managed to do in its way too short feature length. GITS sacrificed a thorough explanation of its themes in order to achieve a little bit more conventional enjoyment (plot, action, etc)   read more
report Recommended by name93
Both anime cover cyberpunk theme. SEL contains less action, but has more braindamaged philosophy and mystery.
report Recommended by bobiczdoh
Both are cyberpunk anime designed to make the audience question reality and consciousness.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
Very similar themes - both ask a lot of the same existential questions. Both are also cyberpunk classics.
report Recommended by VBC_Trinity
>Sci-fi themes involving the conscious mind and technology. >Both have heavy imagery and take a lot of thought to understand. >Aged, but in a great way. Like fine vintage wine. >Both are classics in Anime history. >Both feature a wise, strong female protagonist lead. >Both protagonists aren't human in one way or another, whether at the beginning or at the end. >Amazing visuals and music to accommodate the ageing animation.
report Recommended by Hollow-Oak
Both are seminal cyberpunk classics from the 90s. They both deal with existentialist themes as well as the integration of technology and the world.
report Recommended by ThatRazorGuy
Ghost in the Shell gives you the same feeling as Serial Experiments Lain. - Similar animation - Similar music - They're both sci-fi - They're both psychological - In both anime the walls of real world are broken by the net and cybernetics - Both anime question reality, human soul,consciousness,what makes a human a human
report Recommended by ChiekoHimegawa
Same feeling of calm, incerdible atmosphere, great dystopias, superb characters. Both also have similar endings that fits the shows perfectly.
report Recommended by hubertpivert
Ever heard of transhumanism? If you like scientific themes and/or philosophical questions treated maturely, then you must watch both
report Recommended by Aylen_
Even with a diferent aproach both anime share the same element of exploring about cyber networks and their conection with humans, individual identity, and the line between real world and the cyber networks. playing with question about whats make you yourself or whats make you a human.
report Recommended by AriesChara
Both are cyber-punk anime with a bleak visual aesthetic, and a quiet, contemplative, female protagonist who takes morally ambiguous actions. Both works explore the impact of technology and the internet on identity, and on the connection between consciousness and people's physical forms. The works are also remarkably similar in their pacing, and use long, drawn out shots without speech and with little action to contribute to atmosphere.
report Recommended by InkSpider
Each shows a fusion between man and machine, and fully explores the importance of each style
report Recommended by allister_