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Expelled From Paradise is Ghost in the Shell, minus Oshii's existential dialogue and atmosphere. Motoko is replaced by Asuka Tsundere... and a whole lot of CG boob jiggling. You just have to compare the difference in tastefulness between the nudity at the start of both films to know that Expelled is GitS gone ANIME. Even the basic plots are similar: the hunt for a hacker that takes an interesting A.I. turn. And Expelled DOES try to deal with the question of what it is to be human without a body... just with nowhere near the same depth / level of introspection. Having a tsundere caricature that   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Expelled from paradise occasionally dips its feet into the ideas of what makes us human and what defines humanity. Ghost in the Shell fully dives into those concepts in a gnarly cyberpunk setting. You know what? Go watch GitS instead, you'll have a much better time!
report Recommended by somaisbatman
Female protagonist doesn't possess her "real" body, and is shown topless during the opening sequence. She is sent on a mission to find the entity responsible for hacking the authorities. Similar atmosphere and plot advancement.
report Recommended by SaveTheAralSea
similarities : 0. Humanity have advanced so much that they can upload their brain on computer . 1. Both questions about what it means being human . 2. Both have great action . 3. Both are are cyber punk anime
report Recommended by nekkoMaster
The events of both anime happen in a futuristic world, and focus on a female agent who is sent to capture a hacker. Both anime deal with similar themes, such as the differences between humans and AI, in a time where the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are quite thin. Overall, both anime have similar plot points and themes, although GitS has a darker atmosphere and is a bit more philosophical.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both movies center on finding a computer hacker and deal with the concept of synthetically enhancing/separating the human mind from its body as well as AI developing consciousness and existential questions concerning these matters. Ghost in the Shell focuses on creating a mind-blowing cerebral ambiance and is targeted at a relatively broad, grown-up audience whereas Expelled from Paradise is more of a youth-orientated CG mechanime with an overly saucy, tsundere protagonist but nonetheless a good enough storyline and quite meaningful dialogue at times (scripted by Gen Urobuchi).
report Recommended by Zarutaku