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The female protagonist of Hiyokoi -Hiyorin- have the shy character of Sawako (from Kimi ni Todoke), and have the same appereance of Taiga (from Torodora) and in terms of height Yuushin and her are the opposite of Risa and Atsushi (from Lovely Complex). The story of Hiyoko iis similiar to these 3 animes as well.
report Recommended by nekopaw
similar characters, Hiyori is uber small like Taiga and Ryuuji / Yuushin are tall. They are both interesting, if you like slice of life genre then check out Hiyokoi too!~
report Recommended by DamiPL
Toadora have similiarity of small girl and a talller guy hleping each other thought out life
report Recommended by Monokoi
It's similar to its genre and the characters. The female protagonists on both are short in size pairing a boy who's far taller than her. But eventhough with that, they end up liking each other. It's just that in Hiyokoi it's not showed in the anime.
report Recommended by dropdeadalleycat
The main characters of both anime resemble each other somehow. The setting of the animes are quite similar.
report Recommended by asdfghjklb
These animes are about romance between two high schoolers, one difference is that in Toradora there are more girls who like one boy, and in Hiyokoi there's only one. Also the girl maincharacters are both compared to animals and their personalities are like that too. They both have some funny scenes that defenitely'll make you laugh, and they're funny in their own way but there's also enough romance and cuteness for a good anime.A big difference is the fact that Hiyokoi has -If you don't count the specials- only one episode, while Toradora has a bigger storyline so has a lot more episodes.
report Recommended by Latifa1999