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Mio and Taiga's personalities are very similar, in the case that they are both tsundere toward the male lead.
report Recommended by Nanodesu
Both main characters tend to be violent and moody. I thought of this at first when I saw this anime. Both are very funny. Although, MM! is ecchi and Toradora is not.
report Recommended by djsjr
Both of these anime have similar female role (Mio & Taiga), both are tsundere, and both are Romantic Comedy.
report Recommended by -Erikku-
Both are heart-warming series, with loads of comedy and funny moments that can crack you up, if you also noticed, The guys in both series fall in love with two girls, Yuuno is kind of similar to Minori and Mio is almost taiga twin, since they have the same hairstyle and looks and have are both tsundere. The only difference is that MM! Is kinda perverted more. xD
report Recommended by Akarin-chan
Both have aggressive female leads and conflicting love interests.
report Recommended by nimzat
Both anime series features a female main character who is a tsundere by nature. The comedy emphasises on this fact and creates situations revolving around their violent natures. The male main character also falls in love with two different characters throughout both series.
report Recommended by GiantQAACSleier
In both animes the main characters are a tsundere girl and a guy, they try to help each other, and help with their relationships. However, in both animes they start to like each other. When you see this anime the first thing that comes to your mind is Toradora. If you liked toradora I bet you will like MM!
report Recommended by Dopparn