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Kimi ni Todoke
Both main characters have scary appearances, but their personalities do not match how they look(or more so, how other people look at them).
report Recommended by DeathGuiseX
The atmosphere is very similar in both anime. There is a lot of (good) drama and both have great moments.
report Recommended by Em_Leingod
Toradora gave me the same heart-beat while waiting for next ep or when main character are close to each other ;) both 'bout school, love and finding place in life.
report Recommended by Eriis
Both anime are primarly high school romance comedies, with one of the main characters being completely misanderstood due to their demour.
report Recommended by hajil
Very Similar. Main character in the beginning are feared by their peers.
report Recommended by animefreak47
In many ways, Takasu Ryuuji is like Kuronuma Sawako. He is scary looking but caring for others, and he is also a "loner" to begin with. However, things started to change when Kitamaru helped him, as Kazehaya Shouta helped Sawako too. But unlike Kimi ni Todoke, Toradora is a much better love story in my opinion. So if you REALLY like Kimi ni Todoke, I recommand you watch Toradora.
report Recommended by gmgkng
both are unique school life animes. the characters in both are unforgettable, very funny at times, very touchy at times, unpredictable...the overall atmosphere is very similar especially with Pin and Yuri as the quirky teachers :D
report Recommended by HarukaYume
Both series are about an easily misunderstood protagonist and their gradually increasingly circle of friends as they struggle with how best to support one another
report Recommended by Wumbologist
Both are full of misunderstandings which lead to both comedic and awkward situations, with genuinely caring main characters and offering a ton of character development - both Sawako and Taiga grow as people throughout their respective series. Toradora also offers a bit of comedy-violence on the side.
report Recommended by myrnin
It has a history of light and pure romance that is being built throughout the series, with protagonists who at first find it difficult to make friends, but over time are surrounded by friends and building a page of romance in your life.
report Recommended by jailtonjr
- slow developing relationship - lovable characters - friends play a big role in both of these - a lot of comedy - feels In my opinion, these can be considered ones of the best romance anime ever, I enjoyed watching them :D
report Recommended by Yatori-chan
I don't normally watch romance\school anime , but these two were really good , I put them together only because they share same genre . I watched TORADORA a long time ago and still remember how I felt with every episode , some of them made me felt pain and some not , put in general it was great . KIMI NI TODOKE is a nice anime with a cute characters , I love it when it gives me energy and hope , fun too watch .
report Recommended by sai_chan
I've seen a lot of negative criticism for this show - mainly surrounding our main characters Sawako and Shota - many say they are bland and boring personalities with no likeable or dislikeable traits, and I think I would have to agree with that. But if there's one thing that Toradora has going for it it's a pair of interesting and unique protagonists that really keep the show interesting and fun throughout. Both of these shows are amazing shoujos, however, so I highly recommend you watch both anyway.
report Recommended by Bagelman102
Someone may look scary, but that doesn't mean that they are. It's a common theme between the two, and both share the genre of romantic-comedy.
report Recommended by nat385
Both are comedy romance manga, which are set in highschool, and in both one of the Mcs struggles with thier intimidating appearance.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
The anime I will be recommending is "From Me to You," A romance anime that is quite similar to Toradora and other romance shows. When I use the word similar, I do not refer to it being as cliche as some romance stories are. Kimi ni todoke has little to no fanservice in its franchise compared to toradora, but that's irrelevant to begin with. Both of these shows are very unique and quite specific to their own storylines. Kimi ni todoke is a romance story that follows a young girl named sawako kuronuma, a timid girl that is treated as a delinquent and has little   read more
report Recommended by PillowRunn3r
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