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Made by the same people. Both shows are romcoms, and the good kind. Both are very funny but also very dramatic. If you enjoyed one you'll enjoy the other!
report Recommended by Yatsura
Toradora and Golden Time shares a similar fact that involves the same author. As such, expect a similar style in terms of storytelling. There is an atmosphere of romance going on between the main characters filled with drama and comedy. The main female protagonist from both series are aggressive but at the same time also feelings lonely at many instances. On the other hand, they do meet new friends and discovery more about the world and themselves.
report Recommended by Stark700
From the same author focuses on a young boy's experience with romance plus it have the same taste of comedy
report Recommended by Mr-NoUrE
Both are created by the same person. Both girls have a similar appearance. Both girls loved someone else at first but, changed there love interest at the end.
report Recommended by OceanOfRain
They are made by the same writer and the story centers about a group of friends and their love story
report Recommended by megalols
both started off at first where main protagonists were eyeing another individual and working together towards that goal. but eventually they end up together.
report Recommended by pachu315
A couple of romances that sprinkle in comedy (maybe a bit more in Toradora) Both of the female leads are similar in look, one is more of a tsundere. The original creator is the same on both of these projects so you should see some similarities.
report Recommended by kalon
Toradora's and Golden Time's source material are both written by the same author. This author really knows how to write a romance, as any of you who watched Toradora realize. Golden Time is a show that really meets the romance standards set by Toradora in my book. I see them as equals, and because they are written by the same author, the level of enjoyment is the same. If you enjoyed Toradora then I can say without a doubt that you will enjoy Golden Time.
report Recommended by AnimePhilosopher
The two shows are very similar, however both have very different characters and differences in story. Both are very enjoyable and are worth watching.
report Recommended by Ririe
They are very similar seeing as they were made by the same people. but Toradora! is the much better anime, saying that they are both very very good romantic comedy anime.
report Recommended by ZeroxUndead
Golden Time is very similar to Toradora. Both shows have the same type of humor, and both have tons of feels. Toradora is better than Golden Time, but Golden Time is worth giving a shot.
report Recommended by prandsams
both are made by same autor and both follows a similar storyline along with similar characters
report Recommended by SadIverson
Same creator but its more focused in romance. They are similar but Golden time is more oriented into a university public and more mature than toradora. Basically Golden time is mature while toradora is for teens.
report Recommended by UltimateK
Clearly both are a slice of life/romance anime. Toradora really delivers that same emotional impact that Golden Time did. If you found yourself shipping in Golden Time; you're going to ship a hell of a lot more in Toradora, trust me.
report Recommended by lexor5674
It's got the same kind of nice love feeling you can get from Golden Time, but it's not as sad or heartbreaking. It's a great relaxing anime after watching Golden Time.
report Recommended by gotemhaha4321
-Both heavily focused on romance and drama -Both produced by J.C Staff -Both have anime have high quality episodes keeping the viewer at the edge of their seat -The feels are real, both Golden Time and Toradora!? give the viewer an impression that will stick with you for a lifetime.
report Recommended by deadlight_brit
They are written by the same author Takemiya, Yuyuko. Golden time is also a romance comedy. Golden Time will make you laugh, cry, and feel the caring and love between characters. The characters gradually mature and improve as well. Toradora! is the best romance I have seen, and one of the anime that comes close to its greatness is Golden Time.
report Recommended by kuroboukenka
U can really relate. Banri like Ryuuji i.e., frst falls love with co-female protagonist then,finally with main. Koko lke Taiga i.e., first confessed their love to best friend of male protagonist only to get rejected. Chinami like Taiga i.e., first reject the boy then,fall love with him. And much more but main comes here that in both anime all protagonist go on trip because of that they come to their true feelings that at the end becomes happy ending.
report Recommended by hunterking
In a sense where both series are really simple yet they did quite an amazing job portraying romance in anime. Basically they are pretty similar, if you enjoy golden time you will definitely enjoy Toradora.
report Recommended by Keaven
Both shows are great and very similar.In Golden time its a love triangle but the show has a lot more to offer so you should watch it.Characters are are interesting and if you did like Toradora then you will also like Golden time.With similar plot and awesome art you won't regret it
report Recommended by DestroShadow
Same manga author, and again we see an unconventional approach to romance. Like Toradora! Golden Time handles the subject with maturity. It will also tear at your heart like no other. What makes Golden Time even better, imho is that they dispose of the tired format of selfless male lead and tsundere female lead. This time, you get an incredible female that's one-part tsundere, two parts yandere, yet ultimately fits in neither box. Our male lead, meanwhile, is flawed and at times acts selfishly. Having both characters told in such honest fashion makes them unbelievably sympathetic.
report Recommended by H_Steve_H
Golden Time and Toradora are similar in that they're romantic comedies about the characters in a school setting. Golden Time is in University, Toradora is in high school. Golden Time is about a guy who has amnesia and can't remember his past, he quickly meets his new best friend on the first day of University and quickly realizes his friend is being stalked by a beautiful girl he's trying to avoid like the plague. He can't remember any past relationships and ends up falling for that girl which is convenient for his friend. It tells the story of him remembering his past (and past love interest)   read more
report Recommended by neofury
Strong and well developed female Lead Well done comedy and interesting plot A great variety that keeps the audience involved with the story A great soundtrack These shows are amongst the best of their genre, a must watch if you're a big fan of it and enjoyable for all those people who never really liked the genre
report Recommended by AwesomeAlfie27
These series are really similar to each other. The storyline has some common points. Kaga and Taiga are both a bit crazy, rich and popular, and even have close appearance. Linda and Minori have the same personalities and role. Both anime's heroes have nature that develops over time. Atmosphere is that what makes these so similar, they both have funny moments, a bunch of dramatic, and the overall tempo is alike too. For me, Golden Time is a masterpiece, and I personally prefer this one over Toradora, but i like both.
report Recommended by stripedl
The story of Golden Time involves a lot of drama and emotions and it takes quite a bit to understand the characters and the choices they make. There's a lot of romantic development and self realization which is why I recommend Golden Time if you like Toradora
report Recommended by 024
Same company. While both are actually pretty different, I feel they complement each other to tell one bigger story. They may seem different in many ways, they get to your emotions and have similar storylines. One focuses on before a relationship and the struggles it causes. Golden Time is after and shows the struggles of maintaining a relationship. They both have their moments and are such a joy to watch. Their side characters are amazing and you will feel good at the end!
report Recommended by jmac857
I'm gonna be honest, the first thing that hooked me was the similarities between Taiga and Kouko (the two female protagonist). But after 2 or so episodes I was unable to stop my self from watching Golden Time. Unlike Toradora, Golden Time carry some intense backstories which I'm not gonna spoil for anyone. If you are going to watch Golden Time then the best way for that is to watch without knowing anything about it. In any case, if you like Toradora and are looking for something with same vibe I highly recommend Golden TIme.
report Recommended by _Nanda_Sore
Both of these shows were made by the same person, and they are both good animes that focus solely on romance and friendships. There are lots of side romances and romance options for the characters. Both of the main female characters act a little similarly but there's obvious and major differences between them. Both animes also focus on character development.
report Recommended by UpInTheHeavens
The overall feel, emotionality of the characters, art design, and slice of life makes Toradora a good choice for those who have seen Golden Time and vice versa.
report Recommended by CFSWarrior
Koko and Taiga are very similar - overly bossy and controlling while violent and aggressive only toward the person they like. With Golden Time though, it's set in university, and Tada Banri makes a massive difference to the story
report Recommended by FutabaSuzumiya
Both Golden Time and Toradora feature 24+ episodes that revolve around a similar Rom-Com type theme. I HIGHLY suggest watching either anime if you want to experience a whirlpool of emotions. Lastly either anime was produced by J.C.Staff, so they're similar in pacing, art style, and the many other aspects that go into creating an anime.
report Recommended by Masterbos175
Both series are very good romcoms. They are also made by the same people. So its highly likely that if you enjoyed one you will surely enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Hikki_Senpai
They have the same Author,both Toradora and Golden time.please watch them they'l make wanto to fell in love in a heart beat!.
report Recommended by _ITSKA_