Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten: Antique, Ristorante Paradiso Recommendations

Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten: Antique
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Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten: Antique
Ristorante Paradiso
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Ristorante Paradiso
These two series set in restaurants have a lot more in common than just that. Both were specifically targeted at older viewers, resulting in older characters and more mature plots than your average anime; and both have a calm, slice-of-life feel with a bit of romance added for flavor.
report Recommended by Anomalous
Both are set in a cafe / restaurant type of setting. Both have extremely attractive men. And both have a nice calming pace.
report Recommended by RaitoTheReaper
Both are set in restaurants and have a mature theme. Both feature very attractive, mature men and have unusual art. They are slice of life stories with a calm atmosphere, a bit slow paced and have some romance.
report Recommended by Yamaro
Gay Cake (Antique Bakery) and Notsogay Restaurant (Ristorante Paradiso) both focus on amazing food (desert/entrees, all food is amazing). Gay Cake had a much more amusing plot. Notsogay Restaurant's strong point was fantastic animation. Gay Cake wasn't weak in that area per se, but couldn't win in that category. Bad Eyesight/glasses Motif included in both anime.
report Recommended by ESSWHY
Both are dramas revolving around gourmet European-food restaurants with all-male staff. Have slightly unusual art styles, and odd romantic escapades on the side (a young woman falling in love with an older man, a flaming gay chef). Antique additionally has a mystery, while Ristorante is just drama.
report Recommended by IceAndCream
Both of these animes are in a backery yet one is a romace and the other is more of a comedy. Still I recommend you see them both if you saw the other!
report Recommended by Jennymar
Both series are: -aimed at pleasing the influx of customers gracing their restaurants. In particular the older, mature generation gap. -focuses mainly on customer satisfaction but also includes the many interactions amongst the workers. -mainly for a more mature audience as it is relaxing.
report Recommended by Niteshade