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• Both animes begin with a teenager getting involved with the demon realm without having a say in it. • In both Yu Yu Hakusho's and Beelzebub's universe exists a mazoku (demon) race. • Both main characters are deliquents,being the strongest in their school. • Both have young,baby looking “demon lords” ( Bel and Koenma).Altough Koenma has over 500 years and can transform into an adult,whereas Bel is really a newborn. • Both are shounens where the main character gets more powerful with each fight,gaining "nakamas" along the way. If you enjoyed watching Yu Yu Hakusho,you might want to give Beelzebub a try.
report Recommended by -Hotaru_
Comedy + Action Delinquent Characters and Fights Supernatural Themes Demons
report Recommended by Valkyrie_Wings
Yusuke and Oga are both alpha male punks who can't be beat in a street fight and are constantly being challenged. Both characters suddenly face a life changing event and find themselves taking on bigger and badder enemies with new found power. Both involve demons and an infant demon lord with a pacifier. Both animes are funny with a love interest underneath the predictable action.
report Recommended by zombiewizard
Both series involve street/school fighting and involve other worldly areas.
report Recommended by SavageSmickey
In Yu Yu Hakusho, the MC is uncaring and is the strongest in the city. People feared him and he always is in fights. Same story as Beelzebub. Both anime show them getting used to their powers. Differences: I felt Beelzebub was more of a comedy genre than action and the storyline kind of lacked a little, while Yu Yu Hakusho has a better storyline, and better action (this show does have comedy in it).
report Recommended by MetalAlien
-Both have a demon realm involved -Both have the human realm invaded by some sort of demons -Both main characters are delinquents -Both are battle shonen and have friends being gained along the journey
report Recommended by thelectricow