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If DBZ is the king of fighting anime, then YYH is the prince. Both have incredible characters, faster than the speed of light movement, more energy attacks then you can shake a stick of Pocky at, and more insane battles than you'll know what to do with. Now, that said, I recommend checking out the anime before you read the manga, especially if you're new to otakudom. The YYH has been known to turn off some readers, but the anime is very crisp considering it was animated over ten years ago.
report Recommended by Gyt_Kaliba
Totally Similar!! I watch Yuu Yuu Hakusho first and then watched DBZ.. I said YYH is copy of DBZ.. another friend of mine watched DBZ first and then YYH.. He said DBZ is copy of YYH.. Martial Arts, Shounen, Fighting Tounaments.. Totally similar actually..
report Recommended by xCG
While Dragon Ball Z is a latter series to Dragon Ball, both Dragon Ball and Yuu-Yuu-Hakusho are popular action series which would go on to influence later mangaka in the direction they would choose for their own series.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Yu Yu Hakusho is like a twisted version of Dragon Ball Z. They have plenty of things in common, from fighting to save the planet to a splash of romance to lighten things up.
report Recommended by troublesome
Both were pretty much kings of anime in the 90s and pretty much both have awesome villains and heroes
report Recommended by Yamato-Takeru
Basically both animes start out as the person not knowing who he is, what he is, and what he can do. Centered around fighting and friends. Both excellent... if you liked one you will 100% like the other.
report Recommended by Son-Goku129
main character + comrades all get stronger & learn more about their abilities & self by joining in various fights against stronger opponents. big action scenes & powerful inner spiritual powers makes them a must see...
report Recommended by Jazz007
Uber Energy, After Lifes, Alternate Realms/Worlds, Enemies that reveal themselves conveinently in order of accending power levels, Chris Sabat, Why the hell not?
report Recommended by Zazusha
Similar over the top action sequences, and they're both animes where the fighting outshines the limited storylines.
report Recommended by JoeyShadow
Basically if you liked superpower type with a little bit of comedy, then you'll also like Yu Yu Hakusho because they have similarities in many ways from humor and also fighting scene
report Recommended by RandomUser000
fighting x super powers x awesome characters x humour x original story line
report Recommended by knotdoll
Many of the same voice actors, lots of special fighting moves, battles that keep getting bigger and bigger, if you loved one you'll love the other.
report Recommended by TheJis
Both Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragon Ball Z are good and well respected TV series. They share similar aspects such as those of the dealings with the spirit world, and fighting strange yet powerful opponents.
report Recommended by MyNameSucks
Both Series have extremely powerful characters that fight in tournaments.
report Recommended by Goku546
DBZ fans will surely love Yu Yu Hakusho. Although YYH is less fictional than DBZ, it still has that deadly competition and intense aura. The caracters in YYH are slightly darker, wich gives you a certain curiosity. I really recommand YYH, it as one of my favorites Anime's as well as DBZ. They both are great and jaw dropping.
report Recommended by Y0uss3f
Fighting tournaments. Spirit world and King Yama. Energy techniques. Yusuke even kinda goes super saiyan at one point. Also, Hiei and Vegeta are twins. They're both arrogant and awesome short fellows that aren't from earth and have spiky black hair. Difference is: YYH is a bit darker and the battles go by quicker than in DBZ. I liked YYH more.
report Recommended by pandoreye
A lot of great fights and power ups, although with more of a story! Has a slow start though.
report Recommended by LucZero
Both amazing action oriented shonen. the story arcs flow well with little to no filler
report Recommended by animeboss111
These are the best of the best when it comes to shounen. Best fights, best characters. Yu Yu Hakusho just may be the winner when it comes to character development and plot though. These 2 anime have the most bad ass of all fights known to mankind and Yu Yu Hakusho is the BEST comedy out there. The only anime I have ever found truly funny is YYH. Check it out, it's very similar to DBZ but very special
report Recommended by KakaKarrotCake
Both are shonen anime containing high intensity action.Both main characters focus on protecting the people close to them.
report Recommended by shahzain
Both shows combine action and comedy, and have a heavy shounen influence. The combat is similar in both of them, using lots of energy attacks, and both series feature a spirit world. The major differences between the two are the art style and the characters.
report Recommended by vigorousjammer
Tournaments, inner energy Ki - Spirit Energy and the main protagonist constantly powering up through the mentoring of a sensei such as Genkai for Yusuke and Roshi, Korin, Kami and a few others for Goku other characters share similarities such as Hiei and Vegeta
report Recommended by LawLuffyRoshi
Translated as Ghost Fighter or Poltergeist Report in some countries, this 90’s classic revolves around the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a 14-year old delinquent who surprises the spirit world by sacrificing his life while committing a completely altruistic act – saving an innocent boy from certain death. Faced with the reality that it was not really his time to die, Yusuke gets another chance at life working as a Spirit Detective, a person tasked to protect the Earth from the onslaught of demons from the spirit world. Capturing much of the humor and intensity of Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho will immerse you in   read more
report Recommended by Rinnegan_
Both Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho are awesome shounen anime. They are also classics, and the latter is said to be the spiritual successor to Dragon Ball Z. One way that you could compare the two anime are in its art/animation quality and its themes. If you watch either anime, then you might as well start watching the other anime if you haven't already.
report Recommended by Marco_a_Phoenix
If you grew up off of Toonami, this another show that would come on late at night along side Dragon Ball Z! It is another classic that got us all into anime!
report Recommended by Tyzano
yu yu hakusho was made as a replacement of dragon ball z
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
They follow a similar mindset when it comes to battles
report Recommended by Animemack