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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
At first glance the protagonists are the type of character who would alienate everyone around them, yet as the series progress another side of them shows through as they fight for those they care about, whether they be family or the friends they make on the many adventures they go on. One of the series is a more classic series, but another takes what was in the classics and puts a new spin on it as well.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The Battles are strong, and in both series, the story arcs go across many episodes. The characters are all well-developed, bad guys included. The protagonists end up going through some very dark times in both, and there is a hint of romance in both. If you liked the protagonist dealing with his father (like in the final arc of YYH), then that works well for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood too.
report Recommended by DeliciouScience
Although Yu Yu Hakusho is a much older show, it still has the same feel of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It focuses on the CHARACTERS(not gore or hentai etc), a major element of Fullmetal. In addition, there is strong characterization and twists/turns that will always keep you intrigued. In addition, if you are into longer anime Yu Yu Hakusho is for you. Although they deal with different worlds, both have a supernatural elements that sadly are not like our world, so there is a definite fantasy quality to both. Lastly, both of the main characters are constantly trying to make the world better or trying to   read more
report Recommended by alexdibo
Both shows revolve around strong main characters who have changed their lives: Ed losing his limbs and Yusuke...dying. FMA revolves mostly around Ed and Al as the main characters while YYH focuses on Yusuke and his friends. Both shows have extremely strong plot lines with little-to-no filler. Both have action, comedy, sadness, seriousness, and even a hint of romance. In both shows you get to see the characters develop and grow as a person where you can see the difference from beginning to end. Truly, these two shows have the best story lines I've ever seen. No part of either show is boring, and you will   read more
report Recommended by chocolateluvr13
If you enjoyed this (like everybody else who's seen it) then you will enjoy. They both are legends if you have not seen it before then please do yourself a favour and watch it it will blow your mind. They both have amazing character development, they both have really good endings brotherhood being the better of the two and the battles are just fantastic it's really a must see.
report Recommended by aldalgo
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