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Haibane Renmei
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Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Both of these shows leave things open-ended, even after the end. If you're interested in thinking about the world that the characters live in when you watch anime, what important concepts are expressed in anime, or want to still think about a show long after it's over, these two shows work well. While they cover different ideas among those concepts, I feel they both cause similar responses.
report Recommended by TheBigN
Both are slow-paced, slice-of-life quiet shows with a lot of character development. Kino's Journey is more episodic, while Haibane Renmei has an over-arching plot.
report Recommended by ketall
Slow-paced story about life in a world different than ours. Both anime have the same light atmosphere.
report Recommended by Teddy
Both are lyrical, soft, eccentric collections of stories about various philosophical observations. Kino is far more preachy and direct with its observations, but is ultimately no less beautiful.
report Recommended by TrenchKamen
Both Animes start quite slow, and carry on calm and relaxing, but have got a very deep meaning about them. As well, both have got a theme you could call "talk about philosophical life and meanings". A bit exaggerated, but they still definitely have got a special meaning. The Ending is quite open too, nothing really ever happens particular, but still both have got that little, special sparkle, that's rare to find in an anime.
report Recommended by EternalFate
same beautiful and philosophical plot
report Recommended by theoretic
they have a very similar atmosphere and are both philosofical and reflexive
report Recommended by andypnuts
Both have a calm and slightly ominous atmosphere, make good use of muted colour palettes, and are chock full of metaphor. Kino no Tabi is episodic and more focused on giving a different message or making a different point each episode while Haibane Renmei is built around character interaction and drama.
report Recommended by AstroChelonian
I found these two series quite alike with their philosophical themes with an emotional story and an insightful main female protagonist. Although slow paced, both of their stories are intriguing and unique that explores subjects that can be emotional for viewers. Both series also made me think about life and death occasionally that also deals with themes like redemption and forgiveness. Both series takes an approach in a dream like environment with an insightful depth exploring questions that we often so much around the world. I also found two female protagonist in both series quite similar in several aspects especially in their independence and personalities. Both   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Both anime have a very similar feel in terms of storytelling and both contain many philosophical and thoughtful undertones, like Kino's Journey Haibane Renmei is very unique and intelligent, and will make you think deeply after every episode. While the plot may be different at the core you will find many similarities, it is safe to say that if you enjoyed Kino's Journey you will definitely enjoy Haibane Renmei.
report Recommended by Alcaknight
Kino's Journey feels very similar in tone to Haibane Renmei. They both share a sort of thoughtful, dreamlike melancholy, though Kino's Journey has a little bit more action. They're both slow-paced, mature shows that pose philosophical questions and make you want to think. Kino's Journey is one of the few shows that really captures the same sort of feeling as Haibane Renmei.
report Recommended by Joga5000
These are two quiet, philosophical Slice-of-life anime, which mainly center around humanity and our lifes. They have the same kind of atmossphere and tone and are both open-ended, even when the story is over, with a message that slowly unfolds to the viewer.
report Recommended by AnimeXHunter
The art style is the main reason. It has this old storybook kind of feel that is very relaxing to see. The stories in both are very similar. While Kino may be more episodic, both cover complicated issues like suicide, death, forgiveness, and despair in simplistic ways. The writing itself is very similar. The diction of the characters is surprisingly similar. I don't want to give away anymore, lest I spoil some plot, but both a great!
report Recommended by KaRue3
The art, the tone, the worldbuilding, the way the plot makes you think. If you've ever felt like they just don't make shows like Kino no Tabi anymore, Haibane Renmei is exactly what you're missing.
report Recommended by nadaci901
A similar main lead exploring a very well realized world, with detailed cities and societies, always with a contemplative and philosophical tone. Same early 2000's aesthetic, with beautiful background and OST, creating a tranquil atmosphere that often contrasts with some darker moments.
report Recommended by Kiwii_121