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Haibane Renmei
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Haibane Renmei
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Im not saying the story line is the same but it'll gives you quite the same feeling when you're watching Mushishi. You'll be waiting patiently for the mystery to unfold itself.
report Recommended by elsherl
These series have similar atmosphere of mysterious world surrounding main characters. They both have relaxing soundtrack and beautiful art style. I recommend you to watch them after hard day ;)
report Recommended by Buran-kun
Slow paced, mystical, unique, extremely tasteful and artistic. Very high quality show. Certainly not for every anime watcher out there but if you like one you'll almost definitely like the other.
report Recommended by simonephone
These two anime series have a few things in common. They both share a light-fantasy setting and they are both very calming to watch.
report Recommended by TechnoTrout
Both are very soul cleansing shows, very therapeutic.
report Recommended by vasili101
Tranquility, gentleness, melancholy, and philosophy carry these two anime that have a firm understanding of how an anime can wield atmosphere to its advantage. Both are pensive, slow, and beautiful, and they share a similar art direction.
report Recommended by Zadion
A rather mellow and relaxing atmosphere is present in both of them, only ocasionally broken. They more or less focus on getting the viewer to reflect upon oneself, without coming off as pretentious or intrusive. While Mushishi is definitely not to be marathoned, one can do so with Haibane, as matters presented in the latter usually require a little more thought than the former.
report Recommended by WhiteRussian
Mushishi and Haibane renmei give the viewer a deep sense of being trapped psychologically in anime philosophies, and a deep sense of reflection about their universe.
report Recommended by J_Jackson
Low-key fantasy anime that rely on atmosphere for immersion, both employ modest storytelling methods along with a reliance on grey morality to get their messages across. Both push Zen-Buddhist concepts and beliefs; universal compassion as well as the equilibrium of the human psyche for Haibane Renmei, the relationship between man and nature for Mushishi, coexistence and karma for both.
report Recommended by Minerios