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Haibane Renmei
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Haibane Renmei
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both focus on the youngest/ newest person of a special type of people (winged people or gems) developing their identify in a world different from our own. both develop abilities throughout the show from understanding the world around them
report Recommended by paper18
Both have a similar calm air to them, as well as moving through the plot in a mellow way, and leave the viewer at a point where the end goal of the series is not predictable or clearly present.
report Recommended by MissMisu
Very similar in premise and progression. Both are supernatural slice-of-life series that focus heavily on character and world-building. Both feature a cast of characters who cannot fully explain their origin or purpose, who are subject to a mysterious and occasionally suspicious power structure. I reckon Haibane Renmei does it better - it's very nearly a masterpiece, even if it starts slow.
report Recommended by Tshiknn
If nothing else, these two shows are conceptually similar with a strong story focus. BTW: The english dub of Haibane Renmei is great if you care
report Recommended by Tenderizer17
A crucial part of Houseki no Kuni core identity could be summarised as a a buddhist parallel to Haibane Renmei.
report Recommended by Niello
Both emotional introspective anime.
report Recommended by desumancer
Both have: - community of a different kind of humans, mostly girlish alike. - the community is located in a mysterious isolated place. - The show is sorta about the slice of life of the girls in this special world, their friendship, dramas, discoveries, tragedies etc. - So much instigating.
report Recommended by Rob7