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I think both anime share a lot of similar elements, starting from the main protagonists, both of whom have a strange head (lizard & gun) and no memory of their past. Secondly, both are set in similar dystopian worlds, with No Guns Life being more sci-fi and Dorohedoro being fantasy.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
It’s honestly crazy how these shows are so similar and aired one season after the other but anyways: The protagonists of both shows have their heads turned into something strange and as a result they have amnesia. Kaiman from Dorohedoro has his head turned into a lizard head, and Juzo from No Guns Life has his head turned into a gun. Both main characters have female partners that are blonde. Kaiman has Nikaidou and Juzo has Mary. Both settings are also very similar in that they have these cyber punk, dirty, grungy, steamy land scapes.
report Recommended by Phlaryx
Action-focused sci-fi with a cool, gritty art style depicting a creative world full of unique characters. The tone of the story is more humorous and lighthearted than one might expect at first glance. Both protagonists are men who had their heads turned into something non-human, and despite seeming imposing, often act in a comical way.
report Recommended by kerberos242
weird and cool world building, main character that forgot his memories and they have a odd head
report Recommended by Batsstank
Both shows have very odd looking protagonists who can't recollect the events that led them to where they find themselves now. Also they both follow a plot while sprinkling really hilarious comedy bits throughout. To top it off both shows have REALLY enjoyable characters, especially Dorohedoro.
report Recommended by FaTeSmash
Dorohedoro: Lizard head protagonist No Guns Life: Revolver head protaganist
report Recommended by Sleepy_Hallow
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