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Both recent phenomenon series with very similar premises and appeal. Both involve elite human warriors trained to face supernatural beings average humans are powerless against (demons & curses).
report Recommended by JVskunkape
I feel like these are both similar in terms of evil beings needing to be purged for the sake of humanity, and the characters in both of these shows have unique styles they use to do so. There's also the case of certain humans whom are stronger in both of these and can more easily purge of said beings compared to their "juniors".
report Recommended by hanalulu
Amazing Animation Action
report Recommended by Frosch10010
-They both deal with the supernatural -They are both action packed and more violent and disturbing than your typical Shonen Jump anime -They both have fun sets of characters -The characters constantly have to fight against dangerous and evil supernatural creatures
report Recommended by Kong38
Both promises and the future of shonen anime, pillars of the actual shonen jump, with amazing adaptations and stunning animation. If you liked one, you should try with the other instantly. None of both are completely original nor experimental stories: both follow the trace of other famous shonen mangas. You will see the protagonist trio; good vs bad; training; power ups. But also with their own features that make them unique and worth the time. If you saw JJK, Kimetsu can catch you not only with animation but also with its characters, setting, enemies and battles. If you saw KNY, Jujutsu Kaisen can offer stunning choreographies, photography, and a   read more
report Recommended by agus_tidona
Both have an average level shonen plot with amazing animation. Cool action and fight scenes. MCs have something they cling on to motivate them.
report Recommended by charlodarlo
Both take place in a harsh fantasy world where they have to fight against demons/monsters that kill innocent people. The MCs of both anime are learning about this newly discovered world (demons/monsters are actually real etc.) and start their training to be able to get rid of them. Eventually they both find out they also have special powers and/or bigger meaning.
report Recommended by Krimu
Jujutsu Kaisen is basically Kimetsu no Yaiba, but better. They both focus on a young man who reluctantly joins a group that fights supernatural beings (demons for KnY, curses for JJK), but: - Jujutsu Kaisen has a stronger main cast (writing and personality wise) - Jujutsu Kaisen has a more unique and fleshed out power system with more creative uses - Kimetsu no Yaiba REALLY drags in the first few arcs before it starts getting good. Jujutsu Kaisen is good from the beginning. - Jujutsu Kaisen doesn't have Zenitsu in it (instantly better)
report Recommended by PhantomTom
- I'd say they are mirror images of each other with the only difference being the timeline in which they are set. KnY is set in an older time-period while Jujutsu Kaisen is set in the modern era - Really impressive and well-crafted fight sequences. The time, dedication and money spent on them is definitely clear to see - Must-watch shows for those who're big into their shounen shows :)
report Recommended by Joeywatches
- They both are fighting demons - They both include the genre of shonen - Badass chracters that are selfless and really strong from the start
report Recommended by Shahmaan
Both the anime have the same theme, killing demon/curses. A protagonist who can fight, a badass who looks out for him and a major objective. This just reminded me of Demon slayer so much.
report Recommended by Zuj3brusu
Both are newer shonen with a protagonist focusing on the exorcism of demons/curses. Both were praised for their high quality animation and exciting action sequences. Both anime have a dark atmosphere and utilize their color palette effectively. They have good soundtracks, great art, likable characters, and very cool villains. I can't help but feel like these two anime are the illegitimate children of the Jojo franchise.
report Recommended by AcbSnakeDemon
>Both are battle shounen >Stunning visuals >Kind hearted main characters >Jujutsu Sorcers = Demon Slayer Corps >Curses = Demons >Large cast of characters
report Recommended by bladeof_crimson7
Some similar aspects include the genre of shonen , fighting off monsters/curse, and the main character is selfless and starts their journey with high potential in strength.
report Recommended by iwasboredso1
Both are new generation Shounen with great animation, good plot enjoyable characters Very very good fight scenes Highly enjoyable Have Demons and Curses as villians
report Recommended by Casual_Elite
- both protagonists were forced into this 'new world' due to a tragic event - both protagonists have that 'be good for the sake of it' vibe - wise playful mentor figure (who ultimately seems like a second father of some sort) - antagonists considered to be otherworldly beings - family ties into their motivation for 'being the best' chances are that if you like one of them, you'll probably like the other
report Recommended by YourLostWig
Both anime's are fighting demons and monster in order to keep peace in japan.
report Recommended by PoisonPawn6102
Jujutsu Kaisen is Demon Slayer but good
report Recommended by Bizaster
Both protagonists are thrown in a similar situation, dragged into the world of fighting and eventually the protagonists join an organization to fight against the evil of humanity. Both have high quality animation and great music, they also try to add a bit of comedy!
report Recommended by Penguinman37
Great art style / animation and badass characters fighting monsters
report Recommended by Valze_Vods
- Both are about fighting demons - Both have good animation - Give off similar vibes - Both are hyped or have the potential to be hyped up
report Recommended by Levi_Pentagon
Both are really popular shows that are easy to get into and that successfully integrate a lot of Japanese culture. Both have amazing animation and are beautiful to watch.
report Recommended by blondedzero
Both do not have the most unique of stories, but the execution is near perfection.
report Recommended by Zibzo
Both are flavor-of-the-month shonens with nothing special about them
report Recommended by IntrigueTangiers
Very similarly styled shounen anime. Divided into short, digestible, and filler-less seasons, have top-tier animation, and carry a similar premise of killing demons/curses in order to kill the leader of all the demons/curses. Both very enjoyable!
report Recommended by shufflebutter
The premise of each show is fighting demons, well in Jujutsu Kaisen's case- curses, and the main characters are both strong from the start. Both share amazing fight scenes.
report Recommended by cahndy
If u want an interesting story and want good fighting . These are the shows which i think are the best anime ever in last couple of years . It also has very lovable character and u will connect with m.c. of both the shows. The animation is also god tier
report Recommended by UnKnoWn_SlAyeR9
Jujutsu Kaisen (jjk) is actually better than Demon Slayer, including mature scences and great animation of jjk is actually worth it, Give it a watch, Already watched? So like me
report Recommended by UvST
Chasing down demon-like things? The main character is just now learning about the real deadly world? Both have these. Many scenes reminded me of each other. They are both very good :)
report Recommended by Kunai_Kun
Both have very interesting first episodes. There are cool loveable side characters but what makes them different is that there is a major villian in KnY whilst JK probably will have minor ones as far as I know.
report Recommended by pockyharem
both have great animation and a not too complex story
report Recommended by Dedora
they both fighting demons and having a funny moment on some scene the differences is demon slayer comedy always after fight and jujutsu comedy are before to mid fight other similarity: -both have very good opening and ending -same vibe
report Recommended by Sceptikal
Jujutsu Kaisen is pretty much a underrated Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba. If you like animes about demons or like fights, give Jujutsu Kaisen a shot.
report Recommended by K135
both involve fighting creatures like demons and curses. they also don't have character development because they just rush recklessly into a fight for the rights of others. their mc would do anything to protect others and their loved ones. overall i love both animes. definitely recommended :]
report Recommended by Salma_oudeh11
Both have a cheerful and OP MC The side characters have well-developed personalities and have their own unique powers Action and comedy are balanced and the plot is unique making the anime worth watching
report Recommended by A-L-P-H-A
Both includes themes of horror and action. A different system of powers and abilities. Both have quite similar plots with different names for everything.
report Recommended by Iraaa
action, monster/demons, amazing soundtrack, if u love on u most love the other
report Recommended by spinachdaze
New generation of shounen animes arise with the foundation of great story with the superb animation provided by the respective studios. Their plot was similarly aligned on saving the humanity that was continously invaded by the villainous yet powerful supernatural creatures.
report Recommended by bryn12cnsgnd
both animes have absolutely STELLAR animation and have fantastic story lines that are slowly developing, with first seasons being followed by a movie.
report Recommended by Eviaaaaaa
Feels very similar
report Recommended by A07sine
similar plot & both have likeable characters - jujutsu kaisen is generally more light hearted than demon slayer though
report Recommended by springbees
Both have very similar genres: Action, Supernatural, Demon. Story wise is very similar in which an organization of special people with abilities take down demons in form of exorcism, but the same too apply vice versa. Both have its own ranking system to determine the uniqueness and strength for both the exorcists and demons. There are also no lacking of horror elements in both shows.
report Recommended by -Des-
Both are good shonen and the main character progresses his powers Yeah, if you liked kimetsu no yaiba youd definitely like jujutsu kaisen So yeah chick it out
report Recommended by Dhanraj_
-Both shows have a group of humans who use special powers to deal with the supernatural. -Both shows have a darker theme to the story but feature a lot of goofy moments with the characters. -Both shows have a lot of hype going for them and have amazing animation.
report Recommended by IceVenomz
Jujutsu Sorcerers exorcise Cursed Spirits whereas Demon Slayer slays Demons. Both has similar objectives. Both have very nice animation and design. Demon Slayer is more dramatic and the story is slightly better than Jujutsu Kaisen.
report Recommended by ElectroLich
Kimetsu no Yaiba and Jujutsu Kaisen both have breathtaking animation and great action. They both have a good power system and good funny moments. But if I were to choose which is better between the 2 I would say Jujutsu Kaisen is better because Kimetsu no Yaiba feels basic at times.
report Recommended by Gio_14
Both anime have a setting where protagonists fight against certain creatures using specially developed techniques. Popular series with some real hype
report Recommended by Asterax8