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Kimetsu no Yaiba
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Kimetsu no Yaiba
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Enen no Shouboutai
Both shows are high intensity battle/action Shonen anime. Both begin with tragedies to our main character's family. Both shows have demons and demonic/evil themes and characters.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both are dark battle fantasy anime with many intense battles, memorable characters and great art styles.
report Recommended by alpha_shadow
Two very separate worlds. Both Shinra and Tanjiro lost their family, yet they have a sibling they want to save no matter what. In a world full of demons and infernals both mc's are trying to find and stop the culprit. They also have an intention to turn infernals and demons back to humans. Great animation, lots of fights, action, awesome soundtracks, humor and more.
report Recommended by Hutai
Both Anime have: -Protagonist who have lost family in supernatural ways -Protagonist join forces that attack said supernatural being -Protagonist has a goal to find cause of supernatural phenomena Both have high quality animation especially with fast motion scenes.
report Recommended by TheHighSenpai
Loss. Demon Slayer and Fire Force are especially similar with family members dying, only to go on a long journey full of intense training and fights to find the answers of what bestowed upon them on that cursed day. Demon Slayer does this with Tanjiro finding how to save his last living family member Nezuko, Fire Force does this with Shinra finding who made the fire that day to take away his family. Both are great action anime dedicated to the shounen demographic. Demon Slayer being more historical than Fire Force.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
If you like heart-wrenching stories about justice for your family, these two shows are definitely the way to go. They have so many parallels yet are completely different in the best way possible.
report Recommended by muh_kay_lah