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Meng Qi Shi Shen
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Meng Qi Shi Shen
Tong Ling Fei
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Tong Ling Fei
- Both a historical Chinese romance anime - Both have a strong female lead - Male leads fall for the female lead after getting to know each other - Male leads are talented, smart and handsome
report Recommended by cn_xin0930
Taking place in ancient China, both stories begin with our MC being forced into an arranged marriage, for political reasons. She ends up becoming a namesake wife for her husband, a beautiful bishie with long, blue hair, and she always puts up a fight when her "husband" tries to put her in her place. Both the MCs are smart and spunky, and they're a welcome departure from your average Japanese shoujo leads whose maximum screen time is wasted on crying, being useless, fantasizing about her crush or blushing when his name is mentioned.
report Recommended by -Sonal-
Both set in medieval China, the main girls are forced to marry men they don't know. Though both go different directions with the romance, they both handle it very well. If you like one of them, I would highly recommend checking out the other one as well.
report Recommended by Ismata-chan
-Both MC female character are strong and skilled. -Both MC male lead are talented and handsome. -Anime setting in history Chinese -Both have comedy, so funny
report Recommended by Lily452
Similar setting and characters. Main characters have a similar demeanor and use a combination of wits, skills, and charm to improve her situation.
report Recommended by Khashishi
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