Detroit Metal City, Prison School Recommendations

Detroit Metal City
If you liked
Detroit Metal City
Prison School
...then you might like
Prison School
Both have a similar sense of humor using dark or even vulgar images and punchlines to get their points across, often times using bodily fluids. Somehow they take the most normal everyday things and make them the most legendary scenes in the most disgusting of ways. Some of the scenes are down right grotesque, but in the best way to where you can't look away.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
Similar black humour, and both will make you laugh your ass off.
Also, both main male protagonists just wanted to have a healthy relationship with a cute pure girl.
report Recommended by -BestGirl
If you liked one series, I can bet you will love another one. Both are just amazing in comedy genre.
report Recommended by YeAhx
These shows have a good mix of a dark nature with good comedy. They're fighting there respective system, with a huge wall in the way. Light shows that dont wiegh you down.
report Recommended by minikobe27
…are fast-paced action comedies.
…have protagonists that often get caught in ridiculous and awkward situations.
…have highly inappropriate humor (Prison School is 110% lewd, DMC is 110% vulgar).
…create some very intense and exciting scenarios, with TONS of hype!
…also explore themes of friendship and romance.

I personally enjoyed Prison School more, as I felt that DMC recycled some jokes a bit too often. That said, both are pretty short, especially DMC, so checking them both out and seeing for yourself is highly recommended! Make sure that your parents don’t walk in on you while watching these two.
report Recommended by cptlee39