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Made in Abyss
- At a glance both seems like they came from a Pixar studio but in reality, Kaiba and Made in Abyss targets older or mature audiences - Both have world or places with specific rules on it that makes them unique and scary at times. - Excellent in world building - As each episodes goes by, secret and stuff are slowly revealed that will makes you emotional and realized how deep and meaningful both anime is - Both are short anime but tells more content than some of the multi-season anime out there
report Recommended by bokami
- A boy with lost memories travelling to the unknown - "Cutesy" artstyle veiling a story that can, at times, have surprisingly very mature and even dark moments/ideas - Stunning OST - Short series that won't leave you bored - Both have moments that may have you shedding tears - Both are beautiful Differences in points: Kaiba has an overall heavier feel and is darker/more conceptual, with a simplistic albeit unique take on artstyle and limited tracks. Futuristic atmosphere. Made in Abyss has an overall light-hearted adventure feel with occasional dark moments, with an illustrative artstyle and a larger variety of tracks. Fantastical atmosphere. Kaiba deals with   read more
report Recommended by Bunnyflower
Both have cute art and characters that are juxtaposed with unsettling dark themes and psychological horror. Both have similar themes about memory loss and trying to reclaim the truth of the world that they live in. Kaiba lost his memories and wants them back and goes on a journey. Reg lost his memories and wants them back, Riko goes on a journey with him.
report Recommended by Scholek
-both are adventurous -both feature a main character with no memories -nice visuals, chibi character designs and Ghibli-esque background art in Made in Abyss, cartoony everything in Kaiba -generally well looking, but for completely different reasons -both look childish at a first glance, but in reality are completely messed up
report Recommended by DurangaVoe
Both stories involve character(s) exploring a vast world filled with interesting things, Both main characters are exploring the world to find someone they love.
report Recommended by HungryForQuality
At times the world feels so grand and so lonely. I love those animes.
report Recommended by Evoyourhero