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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
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3D Kanojo: Real Girl
similarities: - main characters look alike (appearance-wise): a pink haired girl and a dark blue haired boy wearing glasses - both anime depict love with otaku characters - they're both a light romantic comedy - The female MC is outspoken and an extrovert while the male MC is quiet and an introvert differences: - 3d Kanojo is set in high school (it's a shoujo) and Wotaku ni Koi is set in a workplace (it's a josei) - in 3d Kanojo only the boy is an otaku but in Wotaku ni Koi all the main characters are otakus - in Wotaku ni Koi there are 2 couples instead of just one - 3d Kanojo deals   read more
report Recommended by isahbellah
If your looking for your not so typical anime relationship then I'll have you recommend to watch it -They have a lot of Similarities -Both Couples in the anime Are Otakus -FunnyRelationship
report Recommended by KouseiMiyazomo
Both series are romcoms with otaku Mcs in a relationship but 3D Kanojo: Real Girl? has a high school setting while Wotaku no Koi wa Muzukashii mostly takes place at an office so subsequently the characters are older and more mature.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Simple: otakus
report Recommended by Revalino
Similar otaku protagonist, although in Wotaku both of them are otakus. Overall, I'd say that the story structure is similar, with a different feel, because it isn't a Josei. I'm sure you'd find it enjoyable as well though.
report Recommended by MScientist0
both r related to otaku's daily life -slice of life -romance
report Recommended by oppai95
Same feeling, both were otaku. Both anime tell us that even an otaku can have a girlfriend. Great romance.
report Recommended by Kohidesu_
Both anime are about otaku and have romance, comedic reactions, and character-driven drama. They both have situations that an Otaku can relate to, so perfect if you're into both that and romance anime.
report Recommended by YUUTA-KUNN
+ mc: a pink haired girl and a dark blue haired boy wearing glasses + light romantic comedy + otaku characters + The female mc is an extrovert, the male mc is an introvert.
report Recommended by h_voracova